The Hardware Megathread


Yeah, Ableton and Bitwig should definitely reconnect, Bitwig licensing Push 3 hardware and putting Bitwig on it. Jürgen Moßgraber of DrivenByMoss can be hired to help since he’s made an extensive Push 2 for Bitwig controller extension lol…

yeah right.


I think the cooling is also an issue. Nick Batt was saying on sonictalk this week that when he used it in standalone mode the whole thing got really hot, and that dinky little heatsink with no fan on it that only has air under the Push to work with is not going to do much to dissipate heat. So whatever the TDP of the i3 is, I think the cooling is at it’s limit. i5 and i7 parts usually are drawing significantly more wattage and that heat has to go somewhere.

All that said, future chips on smaller nodes will be able to get more performance out of the same power envelope, so I’d expect an upgrade option in 2-3 years. Or just put a laptop cooling pad with a fan pointed at the heatsink and give up any notion of portability and the world is your oyster.


Just get a bucket of dry ice and a fan. It’s what I do for my laptops when performing outdoors in AZ in august. :rofl:. (It’s happened more than once)


Oh god the only saving grace for those projects was that they were hidden deep on my hard drive where I only look once a year to see if it’s the year I’m going to salvage one of them. If they were out in the open for anyone to see when they walked into my studio I’d be forced to commit sedoku from shame.


Shows what I know. Sound’s like Ableton’s hardware team has some work to do, then.


New phone who dis?

Not where I plan to keep it. But I think I’ll finally be able to have it set up semi-permanently

Semi-related, I’m becoming acquainted with my Analog Keys again. Just a simple joy of playing a smallish synth with effects.

I also played the Model:Cycles through my new Spark GO. Connect the app to it and you now have a portable speaker that is surprisingly good sounding and you can add effects. Granted it’s to everything going through it lol

You get four presets though :upside_down_face:

Being able to quickly jam with out headphones is kinda nice I suppose.


I meant for laptops in general. We’ve had to do the same “bucket/dry ice/fan” approach for both the monitor and FOH consoles so they don’t freeze up and quit on us.

Arizona is brutal.


That is intense! Damn.


The CPU’s were idling at 160degrees. It was scary.


Push 3s showing up on Reverb for $3000 :joy:

I hate humanity :upside_down_face:

In other news I started using my OG Push w/ Bitwig the other night and was having a ton of fun.

I don’t know that I’m going to permanently hook up The Jam Station:tm: in my new place, yet. I might use the Sidecar for something else music-related. I need to finish unpacking though…


Jeez. Yo dawg, I heard you liked additive synthesis…


Osmose finally turned up, spent a few hours yesterday cleaning the place up so you can now actually see the floor, for many years its been covered in boxes of components, manuals, unused cables etc, its back to feeling like a place I want to spend time in.


I’m in the same boat, been eying up a SH-01a now S-1 has come along.

I still like all the tweaking on the SH-01a panel where it is more cryptic on the S-1, but the S-1 effects and how you can edit the waveforms looks fun, now sure which one to get now :joy:


A DAW made with hardware in mind, tracker sequencer with linear timeline arranger, just got a sampler, clip launching…

And it’s $23


Not specifically hardware, but enough of it that it probably belongs as much here as anywhere. Really interesting overview of some big consolidations/acquisitions in the audio space. @White_Noise, I figured this would tickle your enjoyment of audio/financial overlap the way it did for me. :smiley:


Yeah, I watched that as it premiered and almost left a comment detailing what I think is driving this wave of acquisitions, but as I was writing it I realized about the only thing I was adding was bringing up NPV calculations being affected by rising interest rates making these companies a relative discount right now. I’ve found that the youtube comments aren’t a great place to try and teach people college level finance though, so I decided against leaving it.




Musician’s Friend’s Stupid Deal of the Day is a Moog Subsequent 37 for $1300 (says blemished)


I got new earpads for my Grados today. They’ve been literally falling apart for years, but I was using the HE-400i for monitoring followed by the LCD-X I use now, so I haven’t been in a rush to fix them up. A thorough cleaning and new pads and I’m impressed. They’re the only headphones I’ve heard that sound better WITHOUT any correction, though there’s no way I would use these for mixing, other than maybe the occasional check. They’re voiced so far forward that the soundstage is basically a left or right hardpan. Doubletracked guitars sound amazing though.

I have the SR225-I and they’ve been through E and X models since I got these. They have me looking at the wooden models again, when I first started learning about headphones those were my dream endgoal. Of course now that’s a set of ATCs in a treated room, but hey some wooden Grados would still be classy.


Brought out my S2400 and updated to the latest OS (April '23). I forgot just how premium this thing feels. The pads are so silky to the touch, the knobs are super tight with no wiggle, they turn smooth, the faders slide up and down rock solid middle. Button presses are firm and tactile.

I’m toying with using it front and center as my main audio interface, too, since it has USB audio. The buttons, knobs, and faders of a MIDI track can be configured to send out notes/CC/etc. I don’t really need all the inputs my 18i20 has. I guess I could try this configuration for a week or two and see how I like it. It goes to sleep on its own so it isn’t like it would be on 24/7 :eyes:

I’d probably need want to buy a mic preamp (which is fine), I already have a nice DI for my guitars in the Canvas. The only bummer is that you lost the analog filters on outputs 1-6, but I guess if I’m not hard up on that “classic SP-1200” sound it’s not a huge deal tbh. I’m good with 12-bit 26kHz if I want that. No idea why Isla didn’t have the ADC after those filters but whatever.

Of course it does not do 24-bit audio at all so that’d be… interesting.

Or. Or just eat up all six of the rear inputs on my 18i20 with its outputs :joy:

I’m on an ADHD/bipolar trip atm. And I change my setup a lot because of this…