The Hardware Megathread


JFC…the 1K+ TE field recorder…as they just trolling at this point?


Yeah, I’ve been pretty sure of that since they bought some lamborghinis to just put in their office and look at.


Deluge OS goes open source


After watching a few videos of the thing, the menu diving doesn’t look too bad. And D-motion looks legitimately fun. Hopefully I’ll squirrel away the money for this thing sometime this summer.


neat. expensive imo, but neat

$500 was not the price I was expecting on the Kickstarter, but they’re at over $1,200,000 so what do I know?

New shit from Korn:


I was surprised to see the first one on FB ads. I’ll check it out, weird looking little thing.


Oh my…

People have wanted an FX box from Elektron for a very long time.


Haven’t checked in for a while now on the forum. Saw this today and found it to be worth leaving here. This would be an instant buy for me. I’m currently running a custom 64 button grid controller from yaeltex that I have programmed to achieve this same functionality with devices running in Ableton. Pads, bass, samples etc all controlled in unison by the controller. This thing though from a design perspective looks super cool and inviting. The onboard midi looper and potential stand alone functionality really bring it to another level. Seems production would be way out though as this is just prototype and they have only minimal online presence at this point….


I meant to post this and forgot :upside_down_face: ADHD went brrrrrrrrrr

It’s a cool device.


I got a Spark GO from Positive Grid. It’s basically a FRFR speaker about the size of a THICK cell phone (like 4-5 phones stacked), meant for guitar/bass and functions as a Bluetooth speaker for phones.

I hope to test it with a synth this weekend, but it should work fine. “Up to 8h battery life” or something. I think it’s $129 now, I got it on preorder for $109. If you’re so inclined you can also get a wireless channel switcher.


Stand-alone Push 3 released today and it’ll only cost you 2k.

Get the fuck outta here.


Standalone push has been the first one to pique my interest.


Push 3 sounds interesting, standalone and MPE are good improvements. But the processor would be very limiting, and I doubt that possible upgrades will be that great. And the limited number of pads is not a huge selling point for me in general. I think I stick to Linnstrument + PC, but still much more interesting for me than previous versions…


I mean I just don’t get along with ableton, so it was never going to appeal to me. Does that $2k include an ableton license? If not then that is pretty pricey, but if they’re including $500 of software for the price then the hardware is more in line with the MPC range.

To be clear, I’m not generally pleased with how much stuff costs these days, I’m putting a lot of my hobbies on the backburner because of it, but times are tough and this is how it is now.


knock on wood if my SP-16 went the way of the Dodo I’d probably go with an MPC at this point? I miiight give the update Digitakt a go but 'dat screen : (


So I looked into it, Push 3 comes with Live Intro. Seriously, if 2k gets you Intro, show me a demo project using only intro plugins. Don’t brag to me about all the instruments this thing can run that aren’t included. There’s not even a subtractive synth voice in Intro, have fun with that. I suppose Ableton’s only defense is they really expect existing Live users to be the main customers for Push, because at $2500-$3000 all in there’s absolutely 0% chance I’m in.

EDIT: Though, I cannot emphasize this enough, in my case I was never going to buy this anyways. I don’t like ableton. I tried Force and did not like that, so this is a hellish combination of two products I don’t like already.


This sums up all of my thoughts perfectly


Friends, warn your friends about the dangers of eurorack.

Eurorack: not even once.

(I have another case out of the frame)

:edit: this is largely unpatched as I am “starting fresh” for a Mux Mool remix.


The core of the Push 3 Stand Alone:

You can see it in the pics of the Upgrade Kit. Users might be able to update the hardware of their Push 3 on their own :eyes: But given an i3 drains the battery in 2.5h or less… but if you’re intending to stay plugged in, it might be worth it assuming someone can figure out how to get the firmware on it.


LMAO perfect.