The Hardware Megathread


For that money, that’s an cool odd duck for sure.


Yes 100% eurorack compatible.

If I get it sounding good I’m planning on doing a detailed YouTube video describing how it works with sound examples and a look inside of the components to basically document it seems it’s rare as there’s only one guy done YouTube videos which are old and he has it running through effects so you don’t really know what’s going on.



When you wanna vape but the jam is a “no vape zone”




First time I’ve fired the Spawn up, did a little Aphex twin test, next I’ll be doing a deep dive video




seems relevant to interests here:

TL;DR - use feedback, not input, to make sounds

And this is a thing, too:

$TL;DR - it’s fucking $700 though.


I feel that way about a lot of things these days. Not that I was really interested in the tracker, I’ve tried a couple different sampler things and didn’t really like any of them. I suspect I’d go farthest in drums/rhythm tracks with just straight drum machines.

Still waiting for my Osmose here. It’s the 24th of April and my expected ship date still shows April. We shall see.

@canecreek I recall you pre-ordered one as well. Any news on yours?


@White_Noise No news on Osmose yet my order is due the same time as yours.

Problem is I don’t think I want a Osmose anymore I’ve not heard a demo yet I actually think is good in fact the demos are starting to bore me deeply, I think I fell for the concept but not sure it will serve me as I’m more a sequencer guy then a keyboardist therefore I’m at the 95% stage of asking for a refund and put the money towards a Elysia Xpressor Neo which will serve a much better purpose for the scenario I’m in.


Osmose is scheduled for delivery today. I missed the email that mine was ready for final payment and could have had it like 3 weeks ago. Whatever, looking forward to getting my hands on it today.

In other news, UDO Super Gemini looks frickin expensive. No price on it yet, but I’m sure it will be $5000. Probably not going to be flipping my Super6 for this. Kinda gives me CS-80 vibes with the two layers.


More relevant to interests

I finally got my move (mostly) done. Maybe I can post more. I’m getting a bow for my electric basses so that’ll be fun, hope fully.


I haven’t watched that one cause the thumbnail kinda freaked me out.

In other news, my review of Osmose after playing with it for an hour:

I like it. After having waited for 3 years I was afraid this thing would not live up to expectations, but it did. Perhaps, in that way, it’s the best synth I’ve ever bought. Over the last 5 years, I’ve owned over half a dozen synths and within an hour there’s something I go to play that doesn’t come out the way it was in my head, and I have to go in and tweak the preset to re-route AT (or add AT), or change the velocity sensitivity, etc. I don’t feel like I’m having that happen with the Osmose (with the exception of one sound where the pitch bend was a bit sensitive, but I’m told that happens more while you’re getting used to playing until you get more careful about the side to side motion). I suppose more than anything that’s a testament to the factory sounds and the sound designers that worked on this thing.

I was also pleased that my keyboard skills (such as they are) carried over with some minor adjustments. Like I mentioned, there were some unintended pitch bends during some larger chords, though I don’t think they sounded bad. I played the same riffs I usually use when I’m sound designing and they worked, I just had more scope to almost alter chord voicings or play a melody on top of the chords without having to move my hands to different keys. I’d almost say it makes me sound like a better keyboard player than I actually am.

I have not and probably will not be programming my own sounds for the synth engine inside of this. But I’m also still in the "A"s of the presets and I’ve already heard 3 that I could absolutely come back to. Part of the setup process was that I did have to install the editor software in order to update the firmware, so it’s an option that Expressive E really seems to want me to consider, but I’m not terribly inclined to spend my time programming when this thing is so fun to play.


I’ve been eyeing an SH-01a for a while, but this is a really interesting alternative from roland. I’ve never been hands on with any of the Aira stuff, but I’ve always been impressed by the sound. Not sure how I feel about all the shift functions compared to an SH-01a, but it’s also like half the price so yeah.


I just put together a eurorack case of Broland System 100 modules to do the SH101 thing. Well, it needs assembling and I’m on tour so it’ll be a project for when I get home.



The Rossum module adds a TON of additional functionality, it’s an OSC, it’s a LFO, it’s a trigger sequencer, it’s a quantizer, it makes julienned fried potatoes!!!


Oh I’m sure, the Rossum Modules are some of the most tempting offers from the dark side of eurorack. I’ve wanted a Morpheus for years now, it’s just that every time I spec a small rack out with all the modulation I’d like to get the most out of it the system is over 2 large - without a sound source mind you.

When you say assembly do you mean all the modules are DIY, or are we “just” talking putting the skiff together? Sounds like a nice project either way.


Just the skiff.

The company I used to work for manufactured those Rossum modules - had to have it.


I wonder of Rossum getting back to IC design is going to have any impact on the modules business. I hope not, I’d like the option of the Morpheus, etc to be out there.


I haven’t tried one, but I think Roland are the ones who appear to have finally gotten the “tiny synth” thing right. The Volcas are too tiny.