The Hardware Megathread


This is basically the way console and arcade emulators work. They emulate the hardware, you just need the roms and sometime a bios to play them.


Indeed, sourcing the BIOS proved no trouble at all from the place I usually get my game ROMS.


Just got this going on my M1 Mac, It was working on my Intel laptop but wasn’t great. Time to sell the virus’s before they’re worth even less.


My only issue is I don’t know my way around a virus, so I’m a little lost in the architecture and terminology sometimes. I should download a manual.

Other than that, it’s perfect on my system so far. It’s been a nice way to sate some gear lust for a few months.


Ok, the Roland T 8 and J 6 are kinda cool. If I just had extra dollars laying around would be a very portable fun little setup. Not sure I’d get much real music making done with them. I like the perma-battery and USB charging.


Event 2020’s are gone. Looking to unload my Virus Classic and Virus Rack next.



OH: and found a Reddit thread pertaining to the SHITE tuning on the boog Model D. (at this point i have the midi input transposed 3 semitones to get the Coarse Tune pot in range)

The -10v trim pot needs replacing. its a 1.50 part and about 30 min of time to get back to good again. We shall see…


Damn. That sounds pretty f’d up…


Show prep.


Anybody ever seen/used a Phonic PDD3000 Digital delay, I think it’s from the 80’s, can’t find any information about it on the net, somebody local is selling one for £20.


All I can find. Seen the brand here in Thailand. Mixers, but nothing high end, but for 20 squids it’s probs worth a try if it’s working. Could be unusual.


Reminds me of an Ibanez delay I have.


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(For some reason my video isn’t working)

Midi controlling this digitech studio quad that’s been idling in my rack for a few years w CC’s from the MPC pads. JJOS will allow you to have pads send a static CC value per pad. No midi sync on this unit, so I set 127 to be a half note, and went down to zero in increments of 16 or 8. If I set the half note in MS, the others sync due to the divisors.

Pretty fun stuff, this patch uses 1/4 of the DSP onboard, allowing for up to 3 more fx. I wish it had a sample/bit rate reducer. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Instagram Reel


Better or worse than their $1,500 table?


Teenage Engineering are some high level trolls.


They are. And I can’t believe these are actually sold out.


Pretty sure they’re collectible. I wasn’t interested, but now that they’re sold out I’m totally willing to pay $10,000 for a complete set.




Looked on Facebook marketplace last night and seen this Analogue Systems Spawn, last thing I want in the world is another mono synth however I read up about it to find it was made in Cornwall in 2002, only 51 were made, Andy Pledger who designed it kept the Prototype and one production unit, the other 49 went out into the wild.

At £180 I just couldn’t say no, so here it is sat in front of me.

I’ve not fired her up yet, I’ll take it through its paces this weekend.


Looks great, are the patch point eurorack compatible?