The Hardware Megathread


Come to think of it I’ll see how it goes on a M1 machine when I get home, I’ve been traveling for work for the past 2 weeks.

I could stand to sell the HW to move some studio funds around, I’m thinking I’d like to get some form of Neve 1073 clone for a front end to my DAW.

:edit: maybe I’ll get the UAD plug-in first…. Though I was just in San Deigo engineering vocals for a client and hot damn, does the 1073 (real one) sound fantastic, I can’t stop thinking about it.


Yeah, most of the UAD native stuff just hit pluginboutique - I guess to coincide with them becoming available for individual purchase - and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t considering their Studer tape sim… and the Dimension D.

Let’s see if one of these job interviews pans out.


The studer is pretty great! I use Tal Chorus 99% of the time.


I’d totally gave up on UAD plug-ins, I was an early adopter with several UAD-1 cards back in the day, then upgraded to a UAD-2 Quad card, however some years ago I decided not to buy anymore UAD plugins because whatever computer I purchased in the future I wouldn’t be able to fit the cards, so since then I just kept using the old UAD plug-ins I own on my old cheese grater Mac.

However now UAD seem to be steering towards a future in native plugins, I’m thinking provided UAD let me run my old plugins for free native, then I’ll start buying some of their new plug-ins, but if they expect me to buy my old plugins then they can fook off.


Im using one of the silverface quad core rack interfaces, and a twin, and currently have a Thunderbolt octo accelerator.

Basically, I’m in too deep to quit!


That’s how they get ya!

Tongue in cheek, but I guess it’s true. Reminds me of ProTools 15 years ago - “I’m $10k deep already, might as well upgrade again”. Or Apple proprietary chargers. Or being locked into a brand’s batteries for 10 different cordless tools. But on balance, if it works, it works - not like UAD is bad, just hard to get out of lol.


I’ll have to peep that Virus emulator when I get my new laptop setup for music. Imagine Line’s website is fucked up right now I can’t even get a password reset or a support ticket in…tried it on multiple browsers and computers…


its true…


Im using a M1 mac Studio currently and im pretty sure i could pull up all of my current sessions with the native versions of the plugins, but only since this latest computer. If i needed to run the same sessions on my last laptop i’d NEED to have the DSP acceleration. (to be fair, I have a PCIe card thats just sitting in my old 2012 Mac Pro not doing anything…)


Speaking of the Virus….

Roland has a new machine out that reminded me of the multitimbral synths of yesterday. The SH something or other. Looks interesting but I’m not in the gear game right now. 4 synth parts, rhythm part, sequencer.

Looks interesting enough.


The new Digitakt update officially makes it the best sampler ever to walk the face of the earth.

And yes, you read that right….

Digitakt update.

Wish I still had one.


Ok, maybe in a year when I get my new life settled, I’ll have to have one again because it is indeed now extra awesome. Still wouldn’t replace the SP-16 for me as I prefer using the arrangement/song mode to build a track rather than having to do it live, but as an audio/sample junkie how could I not own this (again) eventually?


You spelled octatrack wrong. :wink:

:edit: I booked a show March 17, I intended to base it around the OT but realized I was just making life more difficult for myself, so instead it’ll be an Ableton set w the Sub37 for bass and MS20 for some melodies and fx. I plan to route the monosynths thru my Apollo twin for fx and then routing the 4 outs to the OT to use it as a performance mixer and general FSU effects unit.


Hope you will be recording at least the audio : )


The guys who put on the monthly event typically record the sets.

I was going to go all OT until I heard it was an hour set and I’m just not that great w the device yet.


Digitakt has song mode too


Digitakt Firmware 1.5 wow
Thats me sampling my modular and vinyl this weekend.


Is it more than just the kinda awkward pattern chaining? Is that new? The SP-16 has a very nice non-linear, non-destructive song/arrangement mode. I think I remember it being just a pattern chain on the DT. Could be wrong or is this in the update?


It was in the last firmware update, select patterns, how many times each pattern repeats, length of each pattern, mute whatever you want in each pattern, what BPM you want each pattern to play at, its good and very easy to use.


Oh badass. I definitely need to get my hands back on a DT at some point then. Thanks for the info!


So, I am cutting down to just the Model Samples, SP-16 and the Novation Monostation.

Ive been selling off small pieces here and there. No pedals left, sold the Tone Beast quite a while back. Ditching the Behringer 808, 303, Pro-1 and the Bluebox.

I’ve got plenty of great sounding soft synths on iPad to sample from. Keeping the M:S for the immediacy/live sample mangling abilities. The Monostation is simply my favorite analog mono Ive ever owned.

Also keeping my DJ gear, of course.