The Hardware Megathread


Ok…six stereo channels. Maybe I am bit off on mocking it…still seems pricey for what you get. And I AM gonna be this guy… fucking mini jacks…I just don’t believe there is any magic in this box…

Also…no FX send/return for that money??!


I agree with your summation and concede that it is overpriced.

For me the lack of SND RTN is a bigger oversight than minijacks. I can handle minijacks just fine. I assume what had people all excited about this is the so-called “high freq enhancer” on the 2bus. If they would have added a compressor / limiter they might have really been onto something but, I agree, as it stands now it’s basically an OP amp in a glorified Altiods box with some i/o and eq.


I might have cut it off but it does have a one knob 3:1 compressor. The high freq exciter does not do much for me personally.


Yeah, I missed the 1 knob compressor. However, what I was getting at is they should have made this a Stimming Mastering Box killer. 6 stereo channel mixer - 2bus compressor, eq, enhancer, limiter. Then sell it as a true mixing and mastering solution in one. I bet people would pay 1k for that. Based on the recent mix offering from Teenage Engineering, they would probably pay more.

It’s like…almost, but not quite.


Ahhhh. Ok. Yea. That would have been the move for sure. Like forget the fancy capacitors and give me more active tools. Yep.

That TE mixer…fuck… I forgot about that. Absolute clownshoes…


But they’re audiophile film capacitors! Don’t you want to take your mixes to the next level??!? How will you hear all the special sauce if you don’t pony up the real money for the real deal?

I wonder if you can buy special platinum-plated oxygen-free (which means they were made in space, right?) cables that have been rubbed with minced unicorn dick in a minijack variety… Nothing is too good for my mixes! Nothing!


LOL for real. I do keep a jar of minced unicorn dick around to polish my turds ;p


Oh come on it’s pink, I gonna get 2


Speaking of pretty, here’s one that I absolutely do not need yet I can see myself buying it at some point in the future, just because:


You know, inverted keyboards are a nice change of pace, but I’d like to see someone put out a keyboard with all white keys. As in, take the black keys from an inverted color shceme keyboard (which are often white) and put them on a normal keyboard so all the keys are just white. The minimalists would have a field day.


Won’t be cheap but there you go!


Ok not 2 but I really want it. It’s like a Barbie dream mixer


Ok…Barbie Dream Mixer…that got me a chuckle


Hope you all had a merry Christmas.

As for the Oto pink mixer,
6 stereo channels, can add distortion and tilt Eq on each channel, then compression and this bliss thingy on the master, for me this mixer is going to be all about the sound, if it has the mojo I’m in.

The Oto mixer is like the cheap mans playfriendly Model 1.4 that mixer costs over 2 grand I was getting a bit of GAS for one a few months back, the Oto has a fraction of the features however it’s also a fraction of the price, therefore I remain interested.

So a 6 channel stereo mixer with bags of mojo for £600, people buy big clunking half working Mackie desks to obtain that mojo yet Oto are going to offer this in a brand new small form factor, again you watch if this thing has a pleasing sound you won’t be able to purchase one because Oto won’t be able to make them quick enough.


That’s pretty cool actually, would’ve been longer.


Thanks, I’m still learning how to finger drum with metal/punk samples so hopefully this year I will improve structure and length…


Wow, 8 days without a post here?
Here, let me give you some more furious finger drumming!

I feel like in finger drumming I’m getting close to finding my own ‘personality’…


I thought it was finally the nail in the coffin here.

Love the choice of sample content here.


I will willingly misread your post and believe that my finger drumming videos were what killed this thread.


So a bit over a year ago I fried the shit out of my OG Mackie CR3 tweeters doing something stupid (i.e. using extremely high frequencies to stop my daughter’s ever so irritating dog’s incessant barking). I replaced the CR3’s with a pair of Presonus Eris 3’s and the 8" sub to go with it. I even found a pair of current CR3’s at a pawn shop and bought them (however I ended up leaving them in our old apartment because I ran out of room).

Last week I put a call in to Mackie’s parts dept and asked if they still had replacement tweeters for the OG CR3’s. Lo and behold they did! $8 and change each so I ordered two.

They came today. I’ll be spending part of tonight replacing those tweeters.