The Hardware Megathread


“Would you prefer you home re-possessed in 10, 20 or 30 years? We cover all options with our great offers. Don’t wait, buy now!”


Earlier this week, I got my 1st Gretsch. While I knew the model, I had never seen the Aspen Green Electromatic in a store because they are long sold out. I just knew it was the one - the 2017 model.

Love at first sight when she turned up at my door.

I’ve wanted a Gretsch the moment I heard their sound, back in 1988… and Tyla (Dogs D’Amour) was no stranger to that.

But they were way too expensive, especially the White Falcon or the G6118T Anniversary.

Then I stopped playing guitar for almost 2 decades (not going to go into reasons here).

It feels the time is right now, and although I’m rusty as shit and my fingers don’t cooperate, tons of fun are coming… and you can expect real guitars on my 3rd all the morphic oceans album :metal:

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shes a beaut!





Damn you Behringer. Just when I thought the GAS had been defeated.


Want, want, want!

But don’t need.

Still want!

What ever happened to the Byte synth (or what ever it’s called…) that Behringer were suppoed to be releasing as of years ago? It was like the Crave ie form factor etc. I absolutely love the Crave! With Reaktor feeding it CV it is fantastic! I was looking forward to The Byte.


Hmmmm I just sold my Rev2 to help fund (both monetarily and spacially) the Moog !1!. I do miss having a simple prophet style poly around a bit. Nevermind the fact that I have at least 3 VSTs that cover this territory.


Don’t worry, this is what makes the world go 'round - seriously you can make the argument that the change in marketing is the most visible change in society pre vs post industrialism (over in the philosophy thread of course). As long as you can separate for yourself and act accordingly.


Thank you for reminding me I own U he Repro. I dont need this synth. I dont need this synth. I dont need this synth.


A homie had a Prophet600 - I didn’t get on with it, but this was YEARS ago (20?) and I didn’t know subtractive synthesis as well.


Who needs a band when I have a sampler?


Arturia gave MiniFreak owners MiniFreak V and I am forever salty. It better be in V Collection 10 :joy:

It’s cool, though, having a dedicated hardware controller for a plugin, I guess.


I’ll tell you sometime next year. I loved the Microfreak so upgrading to the MiniFreak is just a matter of when.


That beri pro-800 is a bit of a no brainier for hardware dudes


That’s how I felt when their arp2600 clone became cheaper than a strymon pedal.

Love the 2600


I wasn’t far off buying a beri 2600, the only thing that stopped me is my wall full of modular as there seems a lot of crossover.

As for analog polys I’ve only got the dreadbox Abyss which is only 4 voice therefore the beri 600 looks very interesting.


I’m not listening LA LA LA LA LA LA no gas no gas no gas


Yall see Oto’s overpriced mixer lol? $600 for 4 stereo channels :rofl:


Link? I actually can’t find it and was trying to look it up to find a counterpoint, lol.

I assume you’re talking about Oto Machines correct, makers of the BIM, BAM, BAUM?