The Hardware Megathread


I had a recent demo for the Waldorf M on in the background (with it’s new firmware updates) and I was impressed by what I was hearing. Can anyone recommend any software equivalent? I have several software wavetable synths (Vital, Phaseplant, Pigments, and Icarus) and my guess is Pigments would get me the closest the fastest if I had a wavetable pack of the old PPG wavetables from somewhere. Are the old wavetables out there?




I do forget that Waldorf makes VSTs…

I did at least look around for the wavetables on my own and can confirm I came up empty handed - dead ended at a geocities link which apparently goes to yahoo now.


Got one done. I think I’m going to shoot a video of the other one because there’s simply no info out there on how to replace either driver in these older Mackie joints.


Re: this thread slowing down…I have been on a serious music/hardware hiatus…just nothing much to say.

I haven’t been watching but man there hasn’t been much interesting being released.


I’m finding that I’m not spending much time with my stuff lately. Lot going on in life right now. I have been writing some good stuff when I get half an hour to sit down and play, but it’s so much faster to re-program it all and work with it in software that I’m not recording my hardware at all. And that fact has given me pause when I get interested in any hardware, the first question I have is “what software will get me there?” - because the numbers say that I do good writing at my synths but I make songs in my DAW. And I have more than enough synths to sit down and flesh out some chords, a bass, and a melody.

I still have an Osmose coming, but I think after that I’ll be done for a while and might even thin the herd a bit.


For that, there’s always old stuff you always wanted, but never got a chance to own.


I must have taken a a GasX or something because I haven’t even been interested in anything like that! Yall might have to revoke my citizenship to this thread.

I havent looked but am pretty sure the few old things Id like are unobtainium.


On the subject of Waldorf PPG wave don’t forget Behringer are working on a clone,

They were showing prototypes sometime back so who knows, you might see it this year


My Osmose is due in April, fascinating this thing is to be honest I’ve not heard a single demo yet I’ve actually liked.


I found myself noting down like half the presets being used in this one because I wanted to try them when mine comes in. I’m pleasantly surprised by the more synth-y sounds, I was a little concerned it was going to be nothing but the Osmose violin, the Osmose harp, the Osmose organ, etc.

My ETA is May. Thankfully I set aside the money in December, so that gets to accrue interest now I guess.


Placing an order for a hefty 500 series rack, Neve Summing mixer and a Thermionic Culture Vulture.

10k of the bands $ for the coloring/bus processing/summing rig dreams are made of.


Seeing as my previous finger drum didn’t break the forum, I’ll try again with GG Allin:

Also, I pimped my MPC with a boss Sp-303 skin:



Nice skin


Few minimal ones I did on the syntakt,
one Techno the other Future Garage with a splash of Acid.
I hope at some point Elektron give us a compressor, then the machine will be complete


Just waiting on the SSL eq.


Awesome, been blowing hot n cold over a lunch box for sometime now, I’d probably do the DIY modules.

and look at the vulture culture, brilliant.


I’ve been in the same boat sort of, in that I feel more creative and like the parts and sounds I make on hardware, but putting it all together works 100% faster in a DAW for me. The problem is there’s always a disconnect between the two, and I spend a lot of time doing troubleshooting and tech support versus creating, and I just don’t have time for that anymore.

At this point, I’d almost pay someone to come into my home studio to set up a Logic template, rewire everything, and update the settings on my gear so I can just turn stuff on and go.

I’m trying to do some of that myself, but I’ve wasted literally weeks trying to do that, only to realize what I probably need to do is get a new computer (working with a 2011 Mac Mini and 2015 MacBook…) and finally update some stuff because some of my issues have been addressed in newer software.


Ugghhh. I’ve been having an issue with my FL studio mastering template where everything renders a random amount between 9 and 14 db below what I set while mastering. I’ve turned every plugin off one at a time and re-rendered, updated everything (including my DAW from FL 20 to FL 21), and tried rendering with all plugins off, then I remade the template. Nothing fixes it, and this doesn’t affect my mixes, only masters. I’m going to buy Hofa DDP for mastering duties because I’ve been troubleshooting this for two months and I just want to get back to putting music out there.

I can’t imagine going through that with hardware, at least I can put on a podcast in the background and sit comfortably while I work on this - no tracking and labeling cables (which I did earlier this year) and getting dusty then deciding to vaccuum while I’m back here and oh it’s been 4 hours already guess I’m not going to get this done before bed after all - fuck I better shower before I sit on any furniture… yeah I wouldn’t want to spend multiple days like that.