The Hardware Megathread


isn’t it the same dude in charge from way back when? Maybe he just can’t bring himself to change that “sound design of the future” :upside_down_face:


No. It is Satan. Lmao


Lewitt’s new Connect 6 interface has my attention…

1)USB C to computer
2)USB C to iPhone/iPad/Android (it says phone or computer… or… something class-compliant??)
3)3.5mm stereo Aux In - OP-1, iPad, H6 line out…
4)3.5mm stereo Aux Out - into OP-1, into BG-75 Aux In (FRFR combo amp)
5)Combo input x2
6)Balanced out stereo pair.

I tell myself I don’t know how much I would use it at home, but I would absolutely take it with me to friend’s houses for recording. It might be better for recording certain things like vocals than my Focusrite 18i20, and maybe even its DI/instrument inputs could be better (I sometimes have issues overdriving them with especially hot guitars…).

I could also plop it on my desk though, and run its outputs to the rear of the Focusrite (say, inputs 3/4 which my Zoom B6/G6 currently occupy). I wouldn’t gain any inputs into the computer itself this way, but I could effectively move two of the 18i20’s inputs to the front of the desk while using the Connect 6’s software to plug things into it and route them to its outputs as needed.

I could also use it with my Maschine+ to connect multiple things to it w/ out having to hunt down or store all the various cables I need to do so :thinking:

Hooking my H6 up to it would grant me 6 more inputs… :eyes:

Edit I feel like I’m overcomplicating things and I also don’t need to spend $300 right now :woman_shrugging:t2:


Lol at the Synclavier. It’s literally the stupidest shit I’ve seen. I’m all for a good reissue I guess. I can’t figure out for the life of me though why manufacturers are putting their time and effort into stuff like this, and zero time and effort into innovation. Yeah, lets put 3 yeas R&D into a product that we already released 30 years ago. Christ alive, yawn, etc…


Maybe a patent was about to expire? XD


I was shocked and appalled when I got the Behringer 303 remake and the sequencer worked exactly like the awkward ass original one. Like. W H Y. It is basically impossible to use unless you are incredibly dedicated. It is barely worth the effort to sell, but I’ll never turn it on again. I’ll just use Trouble Maker on the iPad thanks.

I’ve really had a sea change in my attitude towards hardware in many regards. I still don’t want to use a computer for the most part (and the SP-16 has me sorted in that regard). But other than that I’m not fussy about where my sounds come from.


Eurorack folks. Midi module question.

Polyend Poly 2 vs Hexinverter Mutant Brain vs Vermona qMI2

What are your favourites and why? Im ideally looking for about 4 channels dedicated to trigs and the rest to CV/modulation adressable easily form my syntact


I’m even thinking about slimming down to MPc, midi keyboard and Reason.Trying the demo now and it is still as good and fun as I remember it, plus it looks greatz


Is this the end of the Hardware Mega Thread?!?!


I doubt so.
Plus I’m sure that even if we all would fall, @Koldunya would raise again and carry the flag.


Score, a dual-braced X-stand went on sale for $17. The K5000S will ride again! Soon :tm:


Yea Ill probably always use a “flag ship” sampler as my main creative tool for making beats. But my over buying days are done.


Synphaera Records’ Discord is doing an ambient album challenge… Berlin School tracks to be voted on by the server and then they put together an album from the top ten. The Jam Station 2.0 :tm: could go far for something like this.

I’m a little… ambivalent or something, though. The owner of the label also has an ambient website (Ambient Online) that does these sorts of things for putting up on bandcamp to help pay for the site costs, but now it’s listed as to pay for Synphaera operating costs (I mean Discord is free).

But I guess it’s a way for someone to kinda get their name out there if they want that. I guess I’m just more cautious than I used to be and always seeing people being scammy lol. I’ve been on some of the AO bandcamp releases, but these were basically “everyone is on the album” sorts of things. I felt like I was more or less donating an artistic effort/endeavor to help run a website I enjoyed. This feels… less like that :woman_shrugging:t2:

Maybe my meds are slipping and I’m being too cynical :eyes:


What I’m reading is:
I never submitted any track to IDMf because I don’t enjoy being here.

I see you.


LMAO. I vaguely recall that being a thing here, but since I basically just have this thread loaded in a tab I never see it anymore.

And it was also years before I made this account here :stuck_out_tongue:


Good luck finding a mutant brain!

It’s the one I’ve been eyeballing but there are a lot of options out there. Befaco makes one that’s reasonably priced as well. I was interested in the configurability of the Hex Mutant, haven’t pulled the trigger yet as I can currently use Ableton’s CV tools with my Expert Sleepers ES6 and ES3 to do midi to CV conversion but those do me no good working DAWlessly, but TBH I have little concern to go 100% DAWless.

Currently I have a Pittsburg modular MIDI/Cv unit and my Niftycase has inbuilt conversion as well, DIN or USB.


The problem I have with compilation albums is this,

Back in the early 2000’s I surrendered one of my tracks onto a compilation album, problem is I’d only been making music a few years and as you know it’s a learning process where we just get better and better, thing is I really do not like that track and it’s outhere and I can’t do anything about it, I have no control over it but every time I see that track on Amazon, Spotify etc my toes curl.

So the moral of this story is if you decide to surrender a track to a compilation make sure it’s perfect and can stand shoulder to shoulder with anything else commercial outhere, because if not it WILL COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU :joy:


PS …… thats not to say other music I have outhere is good, as I can remove any music I have outhere if it becomes ugly to my ears but I can’t remove that track :sob:


Behringer Arp2600 incoming. Wednesday, It’s real now.


We need to do a Hardware Mega Thread sample swap/pack.