The Hardware Megathread


Wouldnt surprise me lol. I dont log in often. At this point Ive got my money’s worth out of the deals as I started on FL 7.


Yes! That is how IL does things. Though I will say they have some under rated synths. And 3xOSC is a great low CPU cook book for basic patches.

Generally speaking FL still gets shat on by people but frankly for dance music its the tits. No one is willing to admit it though.


Fuck software right now. All it’s doing is giving me fits trying to work between a PC and MacBook :upside_down_face:

A Studio One song with Orb Producer Suite saved on Windows, on my Mac I open it and the plugins have no data :upside_down_face:

Native Access 1 errors when it goes to install (Apple cockblocks it midway and it can’t handle that), Native Access 2 refuses to download at all unless my CONTENT location is default o.O it tells me download failed, check download location. wut?


I don’t use default file locations for Native Access and never had a problem. I only use PC. Sounds like something is hard coded in the project data itself. Usually though if I’ve changed config and load an old project it prompts for file locations if there’s an issue. Happens when I’ve moved my NI stuff to larger drives at times in the past.


oh, the project/song had nothing to do with the native instruments stuff. Software is just hating on me today. Native Access 2 won’t install anything anywhere other than default, and Native Access 1 errors when trying to install anything.


It’s more “dope” to say you’re using “Pro Tools” or “Live” (the fugliest interface IMHO - all that grey is depressing), especially when you have no idea what you are doing but want to impress other clueless people.

Calling your software “Fruity Loops” was not the best idea if you wanted to be taken seriously. I wonder if the Belgians knew what “Fruity” also meant…

Now, the lifetime thing is very clever. They know that a ton of people are going to buy it and never use it much, like a yearly gym subscription if you will, but they’re going to choose FL Studio over the other DAWs because they can justify their buy with “free updates for life!”. This may or may not be correct but I read somewhere that FL Studio is the most used DAW on the planet… so they did something right.

I personally bought it at version 9 and stayed with it because I like the interface and workflow. I don’t use many of their native plugins aside from some effects that are pretty good. They should update their synths, they’re very old.


I installed the Live 11 trial (I still own 9 Suite) and just could not get along with it after using Bitwig for so long. It just looked uninspiring and bland.


I did run a synth through it lmao.

My old 120W tube guitar head and my 4x10 bass cab :upside_down_face::joy::woman_shrugging:t2:


I’m guessing you live in a house, not an apt complex :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I do, but this thing has been in a closet for a very long time. I actually had it re-tubed with “nice tubes” and never played it again until tonight XD

I did not crank it. When I first turned it on I jumped because of how godawful loud it was set :joy:


Sytrus is awesome imho - I still miss it from my Fruity days, it was awesome back then and I wish they would still sell a VST version of it, same for Harmor… I used Sytrus a lot when first using DAWs years ago at friends’ places, I think it was in Fruity Loops 4? But then I got Reason and Fruity didn’t seem modular and flexible enough to get me back into it. I’m sure it evolved a lot since those days though lol…

Fun fact: in Kallisti, there is a synthline that is an ancient recording of me playing around with Sytrus that I still had when really starting with the track in Live years later…


Synclavier Regen, not for me but an interesting synth.


Did another sample flip, I should have rehearsed a few more times but I’m quite happy with it anyway


that thing looks very interesting. And very expensive XD

Unrelated, I am so close to having my K5000S set up again. All I need is to finally pull the trigger on a keyboard stand. X-style are easier to store when not using the K5000S or Analog Keys. Z style have more room beneath them. I replaced one of the batteries in the K5000S (the expander clone I got that some dude in Germany made for it). I didn’t look too hard into where the other battery is located XD. It’s missing one of the rubber feet.

Alternatively, I replace the Arturia Keylab 49 mk2 that’s on my desk’s pullout keyboard tray with the K5000S and use the Keylab on a stand or sell it. I practically never use the thing despite owning V Collection 9 :woman_shrugging:t2:


That thing is so ugly I don’t even want to know how it sounds or what it does.


Oh, you haven’t seen the Loopop video yet? Watch that man use it to make sounds for about 5 minutes and see how the UI actually works. It’s going back to the 80s in the worst possible ways. One data entry slider. One. Data. Slider.


Sweet jebus. W H Y


Good to know, I won’t lose any time watching that video.


Because Satan is alive and well, and apparently has taken up interface design over at Synclavier.


I think you are correct.