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The last time I was using an iPad it was 4 years ago on an old iPad my kids mainly used. The iPad has really come quite a long way since then. I was running 15+ apps in that session maybe. I don’t think I ever pooped 30% on the CPU.


I’ll allow it. I still want to do something with my iPad. I might replace the Launchpad or Maschine on my desk with my old 2017 10.5" Pro from time to time. There are a LOT of cool apps for music on these things.


Definitely gonna peep this ASAP @RFJ and I think it qualifies. These days anything that isn’t 100% in a traditional DAW should be posted here in my not so humble opinion. As @Koldunya said…so many cool apps…and tons I’ve paid for that I rarely use!


I don’t know what you’re talking about…



Someone on Twitter just said they use “Kawai OS” to run the Force OS on their MPC One…

Edit Kawai might have been an autocorrect of Hakai


You can join a Facebook group and find the link to download it, apparently not too difficult to setup but lots of obscure shortcuts.


I saw that on Reddit, as well as a direct link to the github for it. I just had no idea this existed at all, but it seems interesting. Very interesting…


What are peoples feelings on the new MPC/Force plugins?

I bought the OPx4 last month in the akai sale and its really nice to have that FM power inside my MPC live.

Now I wonder if I want to get onto buying the new Mini D “model d moog” and the Flavour Pro (rc-20 in you MPC basically).

The early reviews are all quite positive


I’ll pass this round and I’ll wait in the hope that there will be a reverb next…

I’m torn about the constant stream of paid for content.
On one hand you can pick and match to customise your workflow, along the Mpc more and more a full on, standalone tool but on the other hand it is starting to feel a bit too much…


The way I think of it to some degree is would happily plop down £100+ on a basic module for my eurorack, so maybe £65 for the moog or vintage FX plugin isnt too much to add functions to my core setup device.

But then Im in the lucky position that its time rather than money that is my issue in music making :slight_smile:


More and more companies are moving away from the “big paid upgrade” model. It seems like instead of making people buy MPC 3.0 Akai is releasing these plugins. Bitwig tried it recently and the community tore itself in half and caught fire over it and they are on a $170 per 12 months of updates program vs Apple or Ableton that are still on $200 every long ass time model. PreSonus still offers $150 upgrades every 2 years or so it seems, but are really pushing their monthly/yearly Sphere membership. Of course there’s many others and I feel like some are now inflating the prices of their standalone product to push more people into “affordable subscriptions” like bitch I have a monthly budget and your ass AINT IN IT. Music Money was play money that came after the budget and always has. Not that these companies really GAF especially the ones with investors.

NI is just a content company these days. They keep shitcanning plugins rather than upgrade them or releasing new ones, Absynth being the most recent demise off the top of my head. They did recently give Maschine Plus owners a 20 year old VST for stand alone though :joy:

I’m jelly of Flavor Pro as a Maschine user. Though I do have Reaktor to make this if I want one bad enough.


I’m Reaktor there are already a half dozen of those types of ensembles to chose from.


I kinda figured there has to be by this point. Making existing ensembles work with Maschine Plus can sometimes be tricky or a downright pita (I do have a working JP-8000/Super Saw ensemble working atm, though)


I’ve become a person who has ordered decksavers. 1 for the octatrack and 1 for my Apollo twin. They’re coming to Australia w me and I’m not feeling great about the TSA.


They apparently make one for my computer keyboard even XD

I’m not sure why even my Volcas have one, but they do… I have… many, many Decksavers, and if they made them for PreSonus Atoms I’d have one on my SQ, too XD


Waiting for Imagine Line to figure out a way to screw us out of life time free upgrades we paid for…


I have beef with the IL community if that counts?

Otherwise, I think “free lifetime updates” is pretty hard to weasel your way out of. Maybe not for new customers at some point. Gamers might remember the Nexusmods website used to sell lifetime premium memberships, and then they stopped like 2-3 years ago. Those of us who have one keep it for life, but new people can only choose a monthly or yearly subscription.


What’s your beef?

But yea. I kinda feel on one hand itd be hard to get out of but on the other hand they can afford more and better lawyers than me lol


During Bitwig Gate someone mentioned IL has already done this to lifetime customers I think? By basically coming out with new versions/tiers that offer different plugins/features or something.


Free upgrades, but then lots of extra synths are paid for content, same route that Akai seems to be taking with the MPC.
I still love mine though.