The Hardware Megathread


I often reach over and bat it out of the way and tell it to stop “blocking the highs” :joy:


Arturia’s big surprise for today, the MiniFreak

Naturally all the YouTubers dropped videos today, too. $600 but I don’t know what the street price is. Probably $500 or $550 knowing Arturia’s usual website prices.

Looks like it got some Pigments DNA in it this time around.


Seeing how much I like my MF I’ll probably get one next year…


I’m starting to wonder if COVID has just killed a lot of the big “event” announcements. Manufacturers seem to just be releasing things whenever more and more vs waiting on NAMM or Musikmesse.

Also: LOL

Am already so excited about you and your music

I wonder if it might also have to so with shrinking profit margins in a saturated market. If everything gets announced and released at the same times each year the waters get muddy?

Primo meme content there. A+


I think a big part of it that we don’t see as consumers is the return on cost of these events. On the one hand, return is probably down a bit because I know for sure I’m not the only person who still won’t go to something like that in a post-covid world. On the other hand, cost is up, because traveling to these shows (especially intercontinental) is way more expensive for the staff, probably requires some level of pulling people off projects that are already behind schedule, and is more expensive just logistically to get prototype products to show in one piece on time.

From a business perspective, trade shows are iffy financially in good times (they’re done more because of networking/deal-making opportunities in a lot of industries), and these are most definitely not good times.


I was just reading an article about how Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Christmas Sales in the US are likely going to be massive this year. This is because so many companies have unsold stock that’s sitting in warehouses (thanks, inflation & greedflation), and they are trying to get rid of stuff from last year. This is supposed to be especially true in the Electronics domain. Remember the Korg Opsix blowout? Maybe manufacturers are getting cold feet.

Thing is, people would rather buy food and pay their rent so as not to be evicted than buy big $$ items (who knew?) so there could be very good bargains to be had if you can afford them.


That’s interesting. Something would have to be an amazing deal though. Im really realizing it isnt worth me having tons of gear as much as I use it. Im really just goofing around when the mood strikes me.




Lol. Me too. I just have no business spending a ton of money on this stuff. I really dont NEED my PA …I could sell it for synth money…but it is fun as hell to do a DJ mix in the extra bedroom on 15” tops and 18” sub!


170 seconds 118bpm Syntakt techno thingy fresh out of the oven tonight


I hear you. I think the one thing that has prevented me from buying tons of hardware I don’t use is the fact that I hate cables. They’re a pain, they’re ugly, they fail constantly for no reason, they collect dust, etc.

If all hardware was wireless, I’d probably already have many hardware synths that I wouldn’t have time to use. At least I feel less guilty with VST synths when I don’t use them because they don’t stare me in the face.

Back to hardware, half of me is happy I didn’t buy the Opsix at $350 but the other half is “you didn’t buy the Opsix at $350??? WTF man??”. The struggle is real.


I liked that a lot. Well done!

Also: either this thing is crazy tiny or you have gigantic hands


it’s only 8.5"/21.6cm across

Here my peasant ass does everything on either 6.5" (desk) or 8" monitors (Jam Station 2.0 :tm: ) or I was using my Phil Jones BG-75 bass combo that it turns out is actually FRFR (ie a PA) with its dual 4" 35W per side speakers. Even that little shit would vibrate the walls when that thicc synth bass hit.


I hated spaghetti cabling too. my remedy was to just wire my studio up w hand made custom length TRS snakes. It’s so tidy and clean, and at this point a dumb point of pride. They are time consuming to make but it’s meditative (if you like that kind of thing)


I’ve got two pieces of hardware on order Osmose and Avalon, other than that I can’t see me buying any hardware for a very longtime to come, whats happening in the world financially had finally caught up to me and after Christmas I’m gonna struggle when my mortgage shoots up,

I found the Strymon promo video for Big Sky plugin hilarious @07:28 he put his Kalimba through it and the result is such an anti-climax it felt like a sketch from “the fast show” it left me thinking “and………” ::joy:


Well…I am a peasant too who has no business owning it…but its paid for in cash so no sense selling it if if brings me joy on occasion…its fun to bust out at parties sometimes too. And maybe Ill use it for events again someday. It bumps enough for a 50-100 person stage.


Nice one! In my case, I’m shit with DIY and “manual hobbies” in general.

Many moons ago I managed to assemble a keyboard stand the wrong way. Took me years to realize it wasn’t how it was supposed to be.


Look mom, no cables, at all!

I figure this still qualifies in the HW thread as I’m using the OXI One as my main sequencer. Live performance here using the iPad with Loopy Pro, Drambo, various iOS synths and Pure Piano to create this piece. OXI One controls everything over Bluetooth, quite a revelation, for me at least…


That’s a lovely ’small footprint’ setup!