The Hardware Megathread


I’ll just leave this here. SQ-64 for $200


Shame in that it seems a great sequencer but I guess it’s flopped sales wise, I think the hardware audio market is just saturated now.



I had literally just sent @relic a message saying some of the presets on Synth One are the best I’ve heard. Lo and behold a section of them are designed by the HW Megathread’s own -

@chasedobson - your presets on this synth are great. I’m actually pretty floored at how good the synth sounds in general. Super cool to see your name pop up.



Ha, cool! Matt Fetcher, the fellow who developed the synth has been a friend for a long time.

He’s wanted me to do some more design for additional products but I’ve been pretty slammed, and I did those as a favor.

:edit: Matt sent me an early version of it for a bit of consulting. The filter envelope depth wasn’t as deep as I’d have liked and I wasn’t thrilled w the early version of the ADSRs in general. He fixed those things right up.


How would you rate its sound vs other synths you’ve played? Maybe I’m just impressed with what the iPad can do these days but I think it sounds pretty damn good. Reminded me of a virus with some of the patches.

And just to keep it hardware related……

I’m sequencing with an Oxi One. :slight_smile:

Next one I’m going to try out is the VHS Synth he has.


It’s been a while since I’ve used IOS for synths but the Arturia Oberheim app is really quite good. When my studio was better setup for it I used it quite a bit, i was using the IOS host port on my midi interface for control and the headphone out to my interface. Now my interfaces are too far from my desk to use it like that.


Hardware related, I’m kidding myself by saying I’m not going to have the barp 2600, it will add a lot of voice and utilities to my existing modular.

A homie is going to let his go to me on the cheap, he wants the grey one. Lol.


We hate the boring bit where you have to set up everything before you can use it, but on the plus side, the circuit has intergrated nicely with the monostation and cycles. Can def see a lot of potential


Glad you are still digging the Monostation.


It’s really fun, and very intuitive to use as well.


The only thing I haven’t figured out yet is how the modulation sequencer works or how it is different from recording per-step automation.

For the money, it is such a complete package. Great sounding filter with OD and three distortion flavors. Cool, easy to use sequencer. And patch flip per step if I remember correctly? Dual oscillators and a sub osc + noise. I really don’t see why it wasn’t more popular.

I’ve honestly not even pushed its capabilities.


The mod sequences uses note velocity to trigger the modulation, we haven’t really explored it much, but you can use it to create a second lfo that’s synced to tempo. Pretty sure you can add smoothing as well


But yeah, we’ve barely scratched the surface, but we love the sound of the thing. Would be nice to have a global filter mode for sample flip, but otherwise it’s a great bit of kit. Heck, we loved the layout enough we bought an original circuit because we know we can do cool stuff with it


Ah ok. That’s pretty cool actually. RTFM relic. Too bad I make basic chad house music lol I’m sure I can find a use for it at some point. First gotta get foster kittens out of my studio…

I’m not actually very smart about sound design. Like I know basics and bread and butter patches. But I have a hard time w things like that. I understand what it does in a technical sense but when it comes to why I would use it, I’m scratch my head.


I recently removed the second monitor I’ve been using. I have a 35" 1440p ultrawide and had a 24" 1080p on its left, but I never used it. I just had Discord over there and it looked a little awkward, and it put the right side of my ultrawide too far over to the right.

And then I remember Digitakt/Digitone can be VESA mounted and I tell myself that’s a Bad Idea :tm: :joy:

It actually is, it’s pretty far away…


I had my Takt mounted that way. It worked for me! But yea if it is too far away what’s the point?


Redid my main workstation space:

I still have the hardware-only Jam Station 2.0 :tm:

The iPad is mainly photobombing :upside_down_face:

The PreSonus Atom SQ is blocking the view of the Proteus 2000 and Morpheus.


That looks like the controls to some badass starship. I dig it.


Great setup, I can’t help but mention that the plant covering your tweeter is playing havoc with my ocd :joy:


In bed last night the wife was watching Netflix and I had my headphones on pioneering the future of techno on the Syntakt, my wife nudged me and told me my keys were too loud, I wonder if I can smother the syntakt in Vaseline to get rid of the clanging key thingy :joy: