The Hardware Megathread


Yes. For me the only missing thing is time stretch. It could even be shitty 90s time stretch lol.




You aren’t wrong! Gimme vibes.


Now don’t do your usual selling off of your stuff. Hang in there, Spring will bring back your DJing vibe!!!


Digitone, Digitakt and Syntakt are all absolutely brilliant, but the Digitakt takes the crown. The sequencer plays a huge role in what makes them so good, p-lock and trig-less triggers are great, so are the trigger conditions.


Yeah I have the 3 and Digitakt is best all rounder.


Still undecided on weather to get the model:samples or digitakt for our live stuff. It’s basically down to whether we want what’s basically going to be a flexible drum machine, or something that can be the centre piece of a show and production set up


Reasons to hate software #3452 - Bitwig, after just enticing users to a 12 months of updates plan by offering a free U-He plugin with every purchase, announced their first “add ons” bundle of 4 plugins, the Spectral Suite, for $80 intro, $100 normal, or $200 for 12 months of updates + Spectral Suite (good through October 23).

This goes against their model of paying for a year of updates at a time and always having Bitwig Studio up to date. Most recently they also gave us plugins, Chorus+, Delay+, and I think Flanger+, so this move is unexpected and unprecedented, and right after another incentivized $170 update plan.

Oof. I’m a mod on the Bitwig Discord and it’s absolutely on fire this morning :joy:


Oh no. I like my current setup too much. This was inspired by some foolish spending years ago that caught up with me finally and I’m now having to deal with. I just decided until I get my shit together I don’t deserve new gear. But the gear I do have is paid for, with cash. I deserve to keep it.

But I do sincerely appreciate the encouragement, sincerely.

I guess I finally get to be an adult at 40 years old. Making good decisions and all. lol


Model:Samples is kind of a for-fun puzzle box for me. Like…what all can I squeeze out of just it by itself. Definitely packed full of features if you just want a one shot player. It feels like the younger, more advanced sibling of the original Electribe Sampler. The Digitakt is probably one of the better pieces Elektron ever made.


Yeah, that’s poor timing on their part, unless this is the start of having like a different monthly deal for every month you might choose to subscribe. From the outside looking in it confuses me that X.X updates aren’t free like most other software. I really expect to pay for each number revision, and the .X releases to be included with that. What’s the benefit there in you’re opinion?

Incidentally, I read that as “a free U-he plugin every month” and thought that was a stellar deal that no one could be disappointed in. Reminds me I need to update MFM2…


Right now, Bitwig users pay for just a year of updates. I think you still get the x in say, 4.a.x if inactive sub (ie bug fixes), but any releases with features is right out. I used to stack sales at $130 and not have to worry about updates for long periods of time. Lately they’ve been bundling software with the $170 updates, I got XO for free recently, I got uJAM’s Amber once, too. I wanted Satin with the recent one, but I passed as I just didn’t have $170 to spend (and I have tape emulation plugins already).

Asking for another $80 or $200 a week after people shelled out $170 feels like major dick FOMO move, imo. It’s good until October 23rd, at least. But I’m not rewarding them for this, even if it’d only cost me $30 on top of a usual $170 boost. I don’t need 4 spectral mixing devices I can only use in Bitwig. I’m using Tracktion Waveform Free for my band anyway.


I forgot to post this; it has synths in it, so hey:

I’ve since messed around with vocals the singer had previously recorded, but she wants to redo them. And obviously it’s a WIP and not finished. But I dig the direction and so does she. No idea what “genre” this really is lol. It’s just me messing around with synths, guitars, bass, and drums as a bass player with a super basic arrangement/drum parts.


Yeah I think it comes down to whether we want a centrepiece or something that does the job we need it to with the gear we already have. It’s gonna be something we decide once we’ve got the circuit integrated the current set up


I want more of the heavy sludge chords that are played at the beginning. Like 4 minutes more with slow and heavy drumming.
As this is a synth thread, add some please.

Apart from that, I have no idea where this track could go, but it sounds cool so far.


hey it has synths! the plucks are Spire (coughs)

I do want to add more, though. Thinking about doing something with synth bass, drums, and guitars. Despite bass being the main instrument I actually play…


I know. That was a request for synths on the sludge track.


For Digitakt users some guy over at Gearslutz has just shared 6 projects of vintage drum machines and they are superb, just drag them into transfer and they appear as projects on your Digitakt.

It’s this thread below post number 4001, well worth a download.


Barp 2600 - $500 US at Sweetwater ATM.


I was looking at the Thomann US site and they popped up for like $470. That strong USD is a hell of a drug. I, for one, am going to be importing a few japanese watches I’ve had my eye on.