The Hardware Megathread


It’s okay, we can hire ourselves


Unexpectedly Elektron added song mode the Digis and Syntakt.
@canecreek time to take yours off the shelf, update, put back.


Hey only my Digitone is on the shelf at the moment, digitak and syntakt have been on my desktop for sometime, just updated all 3 however Cirklon turned up today so just had a hour with that sequencing the SE-1X and Hydrasynth im looking forward to the weekend where I can dive deeper.


In HW megathread fashion, remember when I said I was going to downsize? Yeeeeaaaaaah, a Prophet 6 is coming, sort of a permaloan from the dayjob.

Im going to be doing a good amount of sound design in 2023 and the Prophet 6 is the predominant synth this act tours with.

(Still gonna unload a bunch of things)


Keyboard or module? The module seems like it wouldn’t be too bad, a bit bigger than a lot of the behringer stuff.


Keyboard. It’s already part of the bands backline.


My wife took delivery of the Cirklon yesterday as I was at work, I told her it was £200, she looked at the invoice that was cellophaned to the box, to say she’s not happy is an understatement :face_with_head_bandage::flushed::scream:


Tycho, Rufus or someone new?

We peasants want to know.


Gotta wait until ink is on paper.



Quite a deal for £200.


hope you have a comfortable sofa!


This seems relevant to people’s interests here:

MIDI foot controller with a sequencer, MIDI LFOs and ADSRs…


Holy fuck. Elektron is giving the 'takts SONG MODE.


Here, let me spam my latest finger drumming track, I think this is one of my best so far.


Watched this on your instagram feed. The transition is a nice touch. Seems you’re definitely making progress.


Cirklon is syncing fine tonight with Digitakt, only scraping the surface at the moment.


May have slipped and bought a circuit for our live setup


I must be actually going mad. Canceled my order for the new CDJs…the amount of time I spend making beats or DJing is so low it seemed like stupid money to spend



SO SO GOOD, i should be threw in prison for letting mine sit on a shelf for so long.