The Hardware Megathread


I forget about it a lot, too :eyes:


I haz mayd a bit.


The Autosampler in Apple Mainstage is ACE.


I can use the Maschine one in software and just save it to the SD card I use for the Maschine+ :eyes:


I was unaware that was an option. I need to bring it up with my homie Mux Mool who has one, we’ll end up sampling up my prophet and moog, I’m 100% certain. I mix and master his releases and I bet I’ll be contributing more sound design…


Bad ass! I customized my Model Samples and love it


Thinking about custom knobs for a matrixbrute, a few of the original ones have gotten sticky/gooey/melty/unpleasant to touch. Well, the pots at least, the encoders seem fine. In any case, what kinds of brands do yous guys and gals use?


Anyone got a volca fm2? Kind of want some more melodic stuff to add to our live setup, but we’re kind of broke so can’t get what we’d actually like


No clue, I just got them directly from the guy who printed the sticker/ overlay.


Looked into it a bit this morning, counted knobs, thought about which ones I want in different colors, took some measurements.

Not going to pull the trigger yet, not in a particular rush to do this, but I’m thinking 45 of these aluminum knobs in teal, 10 in purple (for anything volume, so that would be mixer levels, filter levels, master/phones levels, and FX levels), 5 in silver ( to replace the white encoders, which I wish didn’t have a line, but hopefully it won’t show up much in silver) and then 65 pot shafts. If nothing else, I think that would look damn good and it would match my custom headphone cables.

I need to pull up a knob and an encoder later, make sure they’re on the same type of shaft (actually a couple knobs, some have a center detent too). If not, may have to adjust. Also, I found one forum post where someone had replaced knobs on a matrixbrute, but they used plastic knobs that were able to go straight on the shaft without a sleeve adapter. Meanwhile, I Love My Switches has a guide on using these parts to swap the knobs off a microbrute, so I hope the matrixbrute is using similar parts and all this stuff is durable. My concern would be over-tightening the knobs and damaging the sleeve/shaft or things eventually coming loose and the knobs not pointing at the correct position anymore.

And as far as why I want to go aluminum, well, I don’t want to be in this position again in 5-ish years, so I don’t want to mess with any plastic/rubber again.


Apparently Guitar Center is blowing out Modwaves for $500 clearance


Oh no hope mine don’t deteriorate like that


Ordered some 6 metre midi cables so I don’t have to rearrange my hardware when the Cirklon arrives, had a quick google to learn if midi cable length induces latency but apparently it doesn’t not at 6 metres anyway.

Now I’m comfortable operating the Digitakt/Digitone/Syntakt trio Im hoping to get some time on the Analog A4 this weekend, I’ve not used it in years, and not actually used it properly ever scary to think I bought it a decade ago, I hope I gel with it like I have the trio.


Only thing I can think of is I’ve had mine for 4 years and I’m in LA and my room doesn’t have AC, so those 10-20 days a year where it’s over 100F (37.7C to you) those rubbery knobs are taking a lot of heat. I looked into it and a few other people (and I mean like 3 that I saw documented) have had similar issues with Arturia’s knobs on the matrix and other brutes, but I don’t know where they were located. In any case, this doesn’t seem like a common problem by any stretch.


I totally understand the issue as my Moog little Phatty stage II is the same, side panels and mod/pitch wheels have gone all tacky as if somebody has covered then is syrup, whatever coating they have used has chemically broke down over time, not sure what to do with that thing it’s been leaning on a wall the last 8 years just growing increasingly sticky.


We got free money from the government, what should we spend it on?


Heating :stuck_out_tongue:


I always go for coke and sex workers, but that’s just me!


Analog Heat. Duly noted.


Don’t give them ideas.

@Medusa: I stand with Roo on this, heating and I would add Vaseline as we’re about to get fucked big time.