The Hardware Megathread


Nice! I’ve no need for one and probably won’t get it, but I’ve been looking forward to this coming out. It seemed really cool and different from all the fucking analog drum machines YAWN.


Just popped in from my self imposed “I spend all my time playing metal and noise guitar these days” exile to point out that the Roland TR-8S V2.5 update is wicked good. That is all :slight_smile:


Yeah, I need a new drum machine like I need an STI lol. But I like this. I’d probably buy one look into one if I really wanted a drum machine.




I’ve been doing this, too. I went from “the bass player” to “main songwriter and becoming BFFs with the singer” :joy:


Between my MPC500 and the 404A, I definitely use the 404 more because of the “fun factor”.



Apparently these are a thing now


I still use the MPC more because of the pads and the mixing BUT if I just want to have fun and see what happens, the SP is the one. The MPC is too serious. Or maybe I become too serious with the MPC. Some tools just invite you down different paths.


There is a lot of truth to this right here. People will ask/wonder why someone has a lot of musical
tools that are similar on the surface, but it’s how they are used that inspires different things.


Yea, for real, not knocking Elektron…but I think they are a perfect example of gear that kind of leads people to particular places.


lol someone just told me they liked that I was using a synthbass on a song and I was like “naw, that’s my bass. But yes I can pluck and make it sound like a 16ths synthy bassline” :smile: (apparently it was my uncanny timing; I thought it might be because I was basically playing the synth bass part from the Knight Rider theme lol…)


gasp you can play an instrument?!?!

That’s hilarious.


Just ordered a Cirklon

Took 4 years on the list to get to the top and now not sure I even want one.

I thought I’ll have a go at building my studio around it and if things don’t work out I can sell it for more than I payed for it.

As I’ve got a huge wall of modular here I thought I better pay the extra for the CV version.


Speaking of fun, it took about 15 minutes from sampling Cyberpunk: Edgerunners to having a finger drumming kit and an idea for a beat.


ok, yeah, definitely dope there.


Oops, I left the decade old or more price tags on the Electribe I sold. The person that bought it, while leaving a 5 star feedback, seemed a little salty about that as they mentioned the price on them vs what they paid :eyes:

Oh well :woman_shrugging:t2: Think of it like a history of the item; it’s like two decades old, my dude.

Sent them a message apologizing for it, and that they are really old and I just didn’t think to remove them.


Just blame it on inflation. It works for everyone.


Got a skin and knobs fir the Sp-404 and I’m totally blown away by how awesome it looks.

Random street cat for no reason:


NI has officially stopped supporting Absynth, and it is not included in Komplete 14. I lusted after that synth for a decade and shortly after getting Komplete they kill it :joy:


Time to give my autosampler a workout…


I kinda know the Mpc has the auto sampler but I pretty much forget about it most of the time…