The Hardware Megathread


I’ve started doing something different, a small beat tape project with Sp-404 only, mixed of sampled beats from odd songs and beat based on sound design. In theory all finger drummed. In practice I might record to the sequencer…


That sounds really cool and seems pretty different from your usual (at least timbre wise because of the sampling). Looking forward to hearing it.


Different from my usual would be the understatement of the day…
This is my best one so far, finger drummed (fingered?) live and only normalised afterwards, so this is how it came out of the SP-404.

The original was song called Becco by Heprcam.

The rest of the current stuff is not at this level…


Same here. I don’t like Serum, I want to, but I barely ever use it, somehow.


So true. Every new Komplete I hope for a Battery 5 and it never happens.


Absynth… Another one I could never get myself to like… They’ve ditched it entirely from the latest Komplete.


I’ve just spent time catching up on this thread.
Hardware wise I have no desire to sell any of mine, think I’ve mentioned before I’m planning on retiring in 10 to 15 years and then just lock myself away in my studio and spend my days experimenting.

@RFJ mentioned the Quadraverb and the Warp sound, I’ve also been looking for a Quadraverb for sometime just looking for the right price/condition and I’ll buy.
I have Oto Bam which is supposed to model Reverb’s from that era, however it would seem Quadraverb just seems to blend the dry signal with the reverb better, if I get Quadraverb then it’s got to be the mk1. Theres one on eBay now with no power supply and screws hanging out of it so somebody has been inside it, might take a chance and bid on that for a cheap chance.
@auto if your planning on getting rid of your Syntakt I think we both agree it’s a great machine I guess we must bare in mind it still hasn’t had a firmware update yet since release so god knows where that machine could end up feature wise.


For as little as I’m using it at the moment, I’m not selling it, it has something about it plus it doubles up as ‘sound warmer’ as I can run the input through the analog overdrive and filter


I think sample packs have always been NI’s core business, right from the get-go? I might be wrong but that’s what I’ve always thought. The synth and interface stuff came later.

Pretty much same. It has great handling of multiple outputs and Kontakt is a badly designed bag of shite for that.


its so bad.


Stolen from a dude on Elektronauts.


In 2018 I joined the Sequentix email list for a Cirklon, over 4 years later ive now received my email that I can order one, do I want one now ??? it’s an expensive bit of kit???

I keep blowing hot n cold……………


There are so many sequencers out there now is it even relevant anymore? I don’t even remember what all it does at this point.


Hexinverter just announced they’re closing up shop in 2023.

Difficult times for small electronics manufacturers.


Been debating on doing something like this with my SP404A lately, just to see what I can do with it.


had to go into WMD’s offices to pull this pesky/stubborn 5 way octave switch for my Sub37 but its been done - having access to a solder sucker attached to an air compressor is HANDY. Those spring loaded solder suckers are no match for the solder Moog uses in manufacturing and I was unwilling to heat it up and “pull and pray” as one says.

I’ll replace and re-assemble soon. wish me luck humans of The Hardware Megathread.


I don’t know what it is about Moog in particular, I only ever seem to hear about them having switches and pots go bad of the modern manufacturers. Like apparently it’s a known thing with Grandmothers that you will need a new main volume pot after a few years (or at least it seemed to come up a lot when I was trying to find a used one cheap). I’ve seen other broken new synths, but not usually switchgear.

Best of luck with the install, from what I know solder sucking is way harder than soldering in the first place so I suspect you are through the worst of it.


pots and switches go bad, its a fact and low quality ones go faster. i think moog makes great designs but in this modern era of less parts and high expectations of affordability they may be leaning towards affordability. this is super understandable.

the install will be fine and assembly has been pretty well documented on my phone in reverse. im pretty certain i’ll have a 100% sub37 tomorrow.


I found it a really fun and inspiring workflow. As I tend to delete the original sample after resampling I end up with lots of imperfections and I just have to run with it. I can’t tweak until close to perfection so I get to do more.


It’s finally happening…