The Hardware Megathread


I could be on board after Australia tour wraps up, mid Dec that is


I finally started working on all the police radio recordings I did back in January (lol…). Studio One now lets me drag .wav files directly out of it so it got a ton easier. Started snipping off useless bits and addresses, etc.


If you want some chord stabs/samples from my polysynth-heavy collection, I can assist.


Live 11 Suite + Push 2 for $1000:


BARP2600 has landed. Unboxing tomorrow


What have I done?

Initial patches have been fun but not something I’d record. Exploration mode currently. 2600 makes a MEAN industrial bassline, that’s sort of my go to. There is a lot more under the hood here.


you had me at hello…


Sample and hold to the filter cutoff and 3 osc’s… thing of beauty.


Some eBay chancers make me laugh, its not even a good machine, at a push I’d pay $48 out of curiosity but $4,800 that’s hilarious


Guitar Center has a Maschine+ for $870 :open_mouth:


Today I’ve started a song on Ableton, run the Mpc as a plug-in, resampled all I need and moved on to the sofa with the Mpc only.
Good times.

Also, I was helping a friend deciding between Mpc and Maschine and I realised that in my current situation I use the Mpc because Native Instruments didn’t give me a job after interviewing me about 10 years ago.


Similar approach I’m taking w Octatrack.

Composed/prepared samples made in Ableton, moved over to OT for performance mangling.


Between the Barp2600 and the system 100 modules I have for ADSR’s, VCA’s and Filters, this system can be configured as 3 mono subtractive voices.

I’ve combined that w my EricaSynths Black Sequencer and I’m in the Tangerine Dream zone. Generative ambient synth bubbles.

I need more HP, stupid cases….


dat $520 shipping tho :joy:


I’m kinda of annoyed at myself for not doing this earlier, especially now that I’m finger drumming much more so I can get perfect loops to play on…


I hear that.

My workflow with both my MPC and OT involve having really tightly produced samples to begin with.


I really get down when I lack inspiration. I’m usually able to just work through it, in this week instead I just mess around like I don’t know what I’m doing the just veg out in front of the telly.
Not a big deal, just venting
No, buying something else is not the right solution.


Started some IDM material w the intent of making it Octatrack food today. Once i get the stems in it’ll be an exercise in frustration to make it cool/perfomative for my planned live stuff.



Finally got this one, I love a nice diagram