The Hardware Megathread


We’re going back in October to do a longer set, we’ll def have an encore prepared for that


not a bad problem to have :smiley: congrats!


I was going to write you on IG for an update but I guess I don’t need to now. Congrats!


Think we’re going to get a digitakt to replace the drumbrute, because we’re barely using the drum brute, and can absolutely see how we’d utilise the digitakt




I was recently looking at Quadra / MIDIVerbs. I know you to be a fan of the Quadraverb at least. Do you have any idea if the reverb in the MIDIVerb is the same as the Quadraverb or are all of the effects different between product lines and revisions?


I really liked the drumbrute but it didn’t have a very wide variety of sound per voice.


Yeah that’s our issue too, the sounds it makes are really good, but it lacks variety and also has minimal midi control


I used to own a midiverb4 and still own a midiverb2. Both are great but have a distinct sound that is relatively unnatural.

I find the Alesis reverbs great for big washy atmospheric things predominantly. Think AFX Twin selected ambient works vol1


Robin Storey uses a Quadraverb for his Rapoon works.

I’ve had one since the early nineties, in almost pristine state, but haven’t touched it in 25 years. Can’t bring myself to sell it because it meant a lot to me back then.


My current studio…


You need to think more out of the box…


oof :frowning:

lol cheeky…


I want one… so far it’s one of the only synth pedals that doesn’t sound like a raucous wet fart through a low pass filter…

But it’s also a virtual analog synth engine that can be played via MIDI input if you want it to, probably explains why the demo I heard sounded very synthesizer-like.

Apparently the same guy that designed the old Akai Deep Impact synth pedal designed this one.


This doesn’t seem sketchy at all :eyes:


Thomann dry-fucking my Pulse 2 sale in the ass like… :unamused: :sweat_smile:

$417 for a brand new Pulse 2?? Oof…

Edit LOL someone offered me $250 for it. JFC…


I almost always get silly, low ball offers when selling things whether its just locally on Craig’s List or on eBay. Not to say I won’t send an offer when buying that I know is a bit too low, I think it can be a good strategy. But I’m talking like they want to pay half of what I’m asking.

Back when the Mopho Desktop was still worth a decent amount, I remember someone messaging me on Craig’s List and asking if I’d sell it to them for $100 because they were a poor college student.


I’m trying to move my Rev2 now. The prices on those have shot up recently from $2k for an equal one to mine new to $2700 thanks to inflation. Used prices are lagging a bit, but they’ve followed up to around $1900, which is where I have mine listed plus shipping.

It’s a blessing and a curse, because I’ve sold cheaper stuff before and I think I got a lot more bullshit offers on my cheaper stuff. I’ve gotten only one offer so far on this one in almost 3 weeks now (not a lot of people have $2k burning a hole in their pocket and justify a used synth purchase with it, I noticed this to a more extreme extent with some Moog One listings sitting there for 3+ months when I was researching those), but it was one I had to seriously consider - someone local wanted to trade an Analog Rytm MKII black plus cash for my Rev2. I really wanted to take that, but I know I won’t have to time to learn that and get the most out of it for a while.

BUT, the Rytm is up there on the list of drum machines I would like to try sometime. IDK, I had to tell myself I’m still working on getting better at doing drums in FL Studio, so I should focus on that and not add a drum machine right now. Plus (and I don’t want to tell potential purchasers this) I could use cash more than another synth right now, just found out I’m going to need two surgeries before the end of the year and not one. Fun fun fun…


In other news I somehow have lost my MKS-50 o.O I’m sure I’ll find it, but the real question is… how…


Bummer about the surgeries man :confused: wishing you the best when the time comes.

I think a hybrid setup is the way forward for making the most of hardware but also making polished tracks. I make way better beats on a drum machine/sample-sequencer. Elektron gear is great from programming beats and recording them to your DAW so a RYTM seems like a great choice given its analog machines + samples!