The Hardware Megathread


Homeowners insurance does not cover work tools. I forget what the Benn Jordan video is but he covers this in depth. Google it.


Also if I’m robbed I’m fucked. Might be a blessing tho. The shit I own doesn’t own me.

:edit: I refuse to pay people for what if/fear


Yeahhh, the cost of the music insurance isn’t an issue versus home insurance, just having to pay the premium in full up front wasn’t what I was expecting. I’ll live dangerously for a few weeks.

An admirable way to feel, and I feel that way about a lot of things. My synths are at a point where I look around and if I lost all this, I probably wouldn’t rebuild it the same way. But it’s a lot of money, that’s a track car, a trailer, and a decent amount of consumables to go racing for a bit. Or multiple dream watches. Or a fully blown home theater with custom seating and a projector. If I lost it, I’d like to start over not from square one.


Losing all of my gear at one point, i was 25, was literally the best thing that happened to me in terms of productivity in music production. I had to unload in order to afford a cross country move. A couple of years later after picking up a midi controller, some monitors and an interface I was signed to a label (physical releases were manufactured and purchased). I’m not far from getting rid of 60% of my instruments all over again.

My UAD stuff and tools for mixing/mastering will stay (client work is a source of income), but spending too much time working on a bassline and trying it out on any of the options I have is not a good use of time, with my touring my time in the studio is very limited, its become super “shit or get off the pot” - as a result my next release could be the best stuff I’ve ever written and will see a vinyl release next year.


I’ve got some stuff laying around I want to sell but I’m hate eBay/Reverb/Craigslist. Its that no reason to keep/but no reason to sell kinda gear. Useful, but no one piece would fetch much (Behringer clones and some pedals).

Much happier with a simple setup.


A man is the sun of their belongings.Or something like that…


I see people with these huge setups on YouTube and now it gives me anxiety XD I like how I approach setups, now, more like a live band. Drums, bass, rhythm, lead, and vocals (sampler). I basically have little GAS for the time being, and it’s refreshing.

If I lost everything I’d probably replace 3 basses, 2 guitars, my amp/cab, and the Jam Station 2.0 :tm: then leave it at that. That’s what I use the most.


Yea. Understood. Im happy with my two analog monosynths, iPad and laptop for poly sounds, and the SP-16 sampler.

Edit: I’d love to have Prophet 5 desktop module (remake) but U-he Repro is quite good. I’d rather have the new CDJs I ordered.

If anyone wants a little acid station I’ve got an RD8, TD3 and Rat 2 distortion and I’d let go for a steal lol


You should check out the IK Multimedia Uno Pro.


I think the JX08 is my favorite synth I’ve ever played. Crazy saying that being as it’s a Boutique. But seriously - I’ve used everything from the virus series to Moog to Nord, I’ve pretty much played most everything and this JX is really ticking all the boxes. Affordable, two part multi, 20 voices, sounds great.

There’s definitely a nostalgia piece to the overall sound. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I’m all for it. Cooked up the video below featuring the JX and the JD. Both great synths but the JD is going back. Going to exchange it for a second JX. I’d much rather have 4 part JX than 2 and 2 split between the JX / JD.

OXI One handling the sequencing here, 1010 with sampling, mixing, recording and effects…


So our senile, senior cat tried to murder us yesterday by peeing on a power strip and starting a small electrical fire. All humans and felines are safe and sound.

The power cord to my SP-16 was plugged in to the strip. Thankfully the unit wasn’t anywhere near it. It appears the power strip did its job but the prongs of the power cord are blackened. My laptop was plugged in, same story on the plug and laptop seems to be fine. Do I risk cleaning using the power cord to the SP 16 or go on a painful hunt for a weird ass after market adapter?


I am warming to this cat. Tell me more about the breeding program. Did you have to educate it in any special way? Do you have a link to its heritage in case someone would like to buy, er, a gift for a special relative? :smiley:


If you have a multimeter or a friend with one, you could test the output of the power supply to make sure it’s in spec.


Ah! Very good @White_Noise! I’m sure I can get my hands on one!


It is a common orange ditch goblin lol


Clean it with rubbing alcohol, it’s fine.


I dismissed that one due to needing toothpicks to program it (those faders are teensy) but clearly you’ve got something going there!


So we did our first ever show with our gear last night, the biggest issue ended up being we were overly cautious and hadn’t prepared enough material and we’re completely blindsided when the crowd demanded an encore


Also, hi, it’s been a while but life’s been tough the past couple of months and we’ve mostly been in survival mode


That’s fantastic! You got out there and did it and they loved it. The first year I helped but on a small (small!) dance stage at a festival a sudden storm almost destroyed everything hours before we were supposed to start.