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I need a favour here, can we stop planning the demise of NI?
I’m about the start a new job as a product manager for a video games company and in the future I would love to move to Ni/Akai/Ableton as a product manager on their hardware development so I kinda need them to stick around?


I consider it future proofing.


well, subject change I guess. Some jackass insisted I was “doing it wrong” more or less with getting the Launchpad Pro mk3 to work with the Maschine+ over USB. First, he missed I said “mk3” and kept telling me to plug it in, that the Maschine+ doesn’t supply enough power. I told him it only powers up in stand alone with a power supply. he insisted it has a DC jack nect to the USB…

So we cleared that up, and he still insists on using a powered hub, which I already tried. “Same as iPad”

I again told him nope, and so he says "I can only tell you what works here and lists off having like four fucking launchpads (o.O), a Pro mk2 and mk3, X, and mini mk3

I say it works off a MPC and computer, and he again fucking retorts saying those are “full powedred” and he is “pretty sure” the Plus is “low powered like iPads”

NOPE. The god-damned manual literally says they’re 500mA ports, which is “full power” for USB 2.0 -_- I swear to god people need to stop making shit up or responding to help while high AF or something :joy:

Then he says maybe he was just lucky with his powered hub o.O lol bruh… this hub has a 3A power supply and can run a ton of shit, GTFO.

To be very clear, I asked if he used a powered hub with a Launchpad Pro mk3 successfully with a Maschine+ over USB, and he says yes.

At this point though, his credibility is fucking trash and I feel like he was using a mk2 or something :woman_shrugging:t2:

So either everyone is stupid or my “too good to be true” Launchpad Pro mk3 is defective in some way, but I doubt it. It literally works with everything else o.O


Dumb question, but did you check the cable (if you’re using a different cable)?


Don’t know anything about the device so please forgive the stupid:

The USB connection we’re talking about, the power to the USB connection isn’t being shared by multiple connections is it? That might reduce the available power to a given connection. So a device that runs on lower power won’t be affected but one that needs the full oomph will.


Multiple cables. The same cable works on a PC and MPC Live.

I’ve plugged it in all by itself, and again I tried a powered USB hub last night. Maschine+ still doesn’t see it.

The Launchpad Pro mk3 powers up and works. I can use everything and send MIDI out of the TRS/DIN ports. The Maschine+ just does not see it over USB for some reason, and it’s the only device that has this problem.

I feel like I should try it with my iPad (via powered hub) now to see if it works there, too.

The Launchpad Pro mk3 will power up with just a power adapter on the other end of the USB cable instead of a computer; this is how it’s used in stand alone mode. I don’t know if the Maschine+ isn’t connecting to it properly so this is how it powers up or what.


I wouldn’t be too quick in writing off NI, if they’ve been quiet for a longtime I’m sure they’ll hit us with something big eventually


Hydrasynth explorer turned up yesterday, I only tried a few presets as it was just too hot over here I was sweating buckets just cabling the thing up.

The first thing I noticed which is rather sad is when I heard the reverb and delay I instantly thought this is the reverb and delay that should of been in the Matrixbrute.

I find the Matrixbrute frustrating as you have this mega imposing synth that could be a classic but has effects section that dropped out of a Christmas cracker, the biggest after thought in synthesiser history.


I feel like if they could, Arturia would update it with the PolyBrute’s effects which are supposed to be the same ones in Pigments.

MatrixBrute 2, Effects Section Boogaloo.


I actually was playing my newly visible Matrixbrute last night. Did a few patches, and the FX aren’t the best, yeah, but they’re fine for getting a stereo sound out of a mono source. I think the mono and stereo delays are fine, it’s just the chorus, flanger, and “reverb” I don’t like. It’s almost like they had an analog delay line and they tried to shoehorn some other FX out of it that needed a few other pieces they didn’t have… Nice thing is I put the some of the FX controls on a macro and could fade them in at will.

The Moog One can’t do that, I thought I had figured a way around it and the screen just said “invalid modulation destination”. That’s a bummer because I wanted AT to control the mix of a bitcrusher, it would’ve been awesome. Plus you have control of send levels to FX and a spare envelope, that’s just begging to only delay the attack phase of a sound or something. But alas none of it shall be for now.

@Koldunya Have you checked MIDI settings? Could it be that everything else is sending/receiving on ch.1 but for some reason the Maschine is on ch. 2?


lame. everything on a device should be modulatable able to be modulated, imo :eyes:

it’s all defaulted to channel 1, brand new Project. I even changed the LP Pro’s device ID back to 1 (it was on 2). The problem is the Maschine+ is not seeing the LP Pro mk3 as a MIDI interface at all. I can’t set MIDI channels because the M+ just isn’t seeing that it exists as connected to it.

I don’t really understand how it could be a power issue, either. The Maschine+ powers it up in stand alone mode and it works. It’s being powered by the Maschine+ and while I am no electrical engineer, I doubt that Novation would say this thing can be USB-powered, and have no alternative power source like the older generations with DC jacks, and not run on 500mA USB2 power. I know USB 3 base is 900mA but they don’t mention it. I did come across this in the manual:

“Certain USB host devices may not provide sufficient power to fully boot Launchpad Pro. The power consumption may be reduced by using lower brightness levels, allowing these devices to fully boot Launchpad Pro”

And it recommends to lower the LED brightness in this case, so I guess I can try that. I might even try to activate MSD mode again; MSD is when you plug it in to a computer, it opens as Mass Storage to show you the built-in help files. Maybe that’ll trip it to respond, though that is off on my X, too. At this point I’ll give any weird ass random thing a try I guess.


Just got back from a work trip yesterday, lots of consultation followed by a home studio build for one of the acts I work for.

Sat down at my computer and worked up the beginnings of an IDM tune with Ableton alone (i know heresy in the HW thread) but damn, it sounds great and would have taken me all day if i were shooting to accomplish this in the hardware realm.

its time to minimize.

this morning’s demotune:



Hmm, play is greyed out for me.


linked below the player now.


that was fun :smile:


so lowering the brightness did nothing.

MSD mode did an interesting thing I don’t remember my X doing. Maschine+ said it detected a new volume and asked if I want to add it to quick access :joy:

So the Maschine+ is definitely seeing this thing, but it is not seeing the USB MIDI ports and basically f’ing no one knows why :upside_down_face:

it also powers up when connected to a 2018 10.5" iPad Pro though the iPad fusses about the “LP Pro mk3” drawing too much power :upside_down_face: (it keeps working if I unplug power lol)

At this point it HAS to be a Maschine+ problem seeing the fucking thing.


Heh, if it was a proper computer I’d almost think it sounds like a permissions issue.


Atm it’s basically NI and Novation support pointing fingers at each other with me stuck in the middle. Other people keep pointing at power but I can power it off a freaking iPad and it works over USB immediately there. Maschine+ is the only thing the LP Pro mk3 doesn’t work with over USB.

At the end of the day the cynic in me is assuming NI will hide behind their “list of supported devices” (which is mostly their hardware, of course) and as slow as their updates are, probably never fix it.

I’ll probably just use MIDI DIN with the Maschine+ and be done with it.


Holy fuck I’ve been here for three years.


Haha no insult intended but…”oh sweet summer child” it’s like 10 for me maybe

Happy three year IDMf hardware mega thread anniversary! So glad to have you here : )

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