The Hardware Megathread


Yeah, like, for something I paid $1500 for $50-90 isn’t so bad. But I am not paying $55 for a $170 Launchpad lol.

Tbh the only “in service” Decksavers I have are on my Minibrute 2S and Maschine+

So after talking about them for a few posts, yeah, they just don’t make sense for me anymore. Most of my hardware bits are used “as-needed” and Launchpads are basically invincible.

Oh yeah, I found those stands I like so much and they are $25 or so. I’d rather buy two more of those :eyes:


A large make-up brush is a studio essential.


previously unused paintbrush is the touring standard for consoles, pedalboards, keys etc…


I had a dream a bunch of us were in a sort of electronica-oriented band and were planning to meet for a rehearsal. It didn’t really go much beyond that.


The end of the dream is a never ending loop of us untangling cables lol




I followed a tutorial and made a Reaktor sample player that does round robin and it works in stand alone on the Maschine+. The problem is that it is monophonic and stops working if I try to add voices :upside_down_face:

It even cuts off a playing sample if any note is sent at all.


That is one thing I don’t have in my setup that’d be nice—round robin sample tracks.


Me, Guitar Center San Diego ca. 2022


Alright. You win. One of my top B movie picks lol


Once again, Mpc.





Well certainly A+ Cinema in my life (fuck the critics). : )


Dataline put out a Syntak review and a Syntak only EP.


I had read that review, I disagree on the analog drive, it is part of my design process on the Syntakt and adds a lots of character to the overall sound. It nicely glues some sounds together without destroying them too much.
Valid point on it being just a recycled machine but if you are like me and sorted in the sampling department, having a sort of ‘best of RYTM/Cycles’ machine is really super handy.


I think that is pretty accurate from my perception of the device. When I saw what the Syntakt had onboard it killed my M:C desires.


Stahp. I love my Cycles. But that sounds like an excuse for the Syntakt :joy:

Native Instruments… when I send in a trouble ticket and you repeatedly ask me things I answered initially when opening the ticket, it makes me question you and feel like this is going to go nowhere.

Nobody seems to know why my Launchpad Pro mk3 isn’t showing up over USB with Maschine+ when it should. It works everywhere else I plug it in, so I don’t know why it doesn’t work here. Novation support is a lot faster, hell a dude messaged me on Sunday o.O NI also linked me to the article on “supported devices” and I wanted to throat-punch someone lol. Bitch it’s fucking USB Host and should just work like every other device lol. It works literally everywhere else but your hardware…

I played my MPC Live a bit and forgot how those pads are hard rubber feeling and I do not like them.

Launchpad X works perfectly. I may have to end up using MIDI DIN with the Pro which feels a step backwards but at least it’ll work :upside_down_face:


There are some tools from NI that are integral (Reaktor, Kontakt) but I can’t help but feel like the whole operation is headed south.

My prediction is that they’ll go the direction of “the Maschine company”, make profits off of sample content, eventually stop developing/supporting the products that I rely on. …resulting in me having a stupid dedicated “legacy” laptop and interface for them.


this isn’t entirely out of left field at all. Their development is downright glacial compared to the competition outside of new sound packs to sell. I feel like I remember that originally Expansions were specifically a Maschine thing, too, before becoming generic NI Expansions across their product line.

But yeah, all they really do is release Play and Expansion content and have for several years. They released Vintage Organs for Maschine+ “by accident due to an issue on the backend” and I read that happened for Absinthe as well (fuck! :cry: lol…). I’m only keeping it because NI said to delete it :eyes: Not a huge organ user XD

Discontinuing the Jam caught a lot of people by surprise, and then after that they added Jam support to Maschine+ o.O such an odd company.

I wish someone would jailbreak the Maschine+ :upside_down_face: I know someone has looked into the MPC Live…

I need to remind Arturia how well a SampleBrute would sell. Give it stand alone and run V and FX Collection, install preset packs, etc…


Just based on the fact that there haven’t been any big announcements beyond Mashine development this seems pretty likely according to your analysis.