The Hardware Megathread


Truthy truth is true.


Went to buy a RaspberryPi 4 for a musical endeavor and they’re all $200+. Apparently bots bought out the stock everywhere and listed them on Amazon and eBay for 4x the going rate. You’ve got to get on a waitlist and do some 2FA bullshit to buy them from Adafruit at a normal price when they come back in stock.

Component for sonic tinkering are getting thin, too. Even stuff like basic ICs are out of stock a lot of places, and prices are up across the board, I’m sure due to shipping/gas being through the roof.

Welcome to the world of scarcity. When you get done with the bread line you go mozy over to the synth line and stand in that for awhile.


They haven’t been that bad the whole time, but they have been scarce since around the start of this year. I use them for retro gaming stuff and yeah, I’m just stuck as far as those go right now. There’s also the Terassic DE-10 FPGA dev board, that gets used in some other homebrew retro game projects and it’s about double the price it should be (also running around $200 right now).

I hear parts shortage is a bigger problem for the smaller niche companies that are trying to make stuff. Like, if you’re not a big customer, you’re just perpetually getting pushed so that component manufacturers can get out the orders for their big customers.

I think we might be turning a corner, rumor has it that Nvidia is trying to get out of some of the 5nm capacity they bought from TSMC, meaning they are oversupplied for this year. If that trickles down into some of the larger nodes that stuff like raspberry pis and FPGAs are built on, we might at least be back to normal on those by next year (and that’s before we consider some of the big new fabs that are being built right now coming online). IDK how bad it is for the stuff that goes on the boards like capacitors and resistors though.


Here’s me rehearsing something I’m working on, a hip hop sort of remix of one of my favourite Assück songs, Suffering Quota.
Still pretty much work in progress, a few mistakes but my finger drumming is getting better…


damn, then I’m glad I bought my RasPi4 last year even though I’m not using it. I ended up getting one of the “nicer” kits with a keyboard and mouse. My RasPi3 is connected to my tv right now so I can play some old exercise videos that my tv won’t play directly from a thumbdrive.


Video won’t play for some reason but it’s wild that you’ve sampled what I always considered “just a local band from my highschool days” - Tampa/St Petersburg FL was a metal hub in the late 90’s… I keep forgetting, as it was just “whatever” at the time.


Will have a listen at home on something proper but I’ve just been shamelessly sampling YouTube and anyone not doing it is a sucker.


Loopback on my 18i20 is one of its best features :smile:


I may not be able to upload a lot of my shit to SoundCloud but it pops off at the party lol

Yea I haven’t figured out “record what u hear” in new windows but my laptop output is strapped to my SP-16 inputs


For mine it’s just a setting to turn on in the hardware. The loopback “inputs” show up in the DAW, select them for the track and then MUTE the track because you will hear both at once and fuckery ensues, and record away. Be sure to turn off or mute messengers, alerts, etc :eyes:

Hardware outputs 1-2 are my speakers, 3-4 are to samplers on the left side of my desk, 7-8 are sent to a dual well cassette player in the left 3U rack space (it uses inputs 7-8, so I kept them the same).


Yous guys are way quicker than me, I convert what I want to MP3 using one of those sites where you pop in the link and then I edit the audio file to get what I want. 100% software though, so there is that.


glad to know I’m not the only one. I have an old cellphone attached to my SP404A specifically to sample from YouTube.


Professionals hate this one simple trick lol


Were quite a legendary band to me, with my grindcore band Lulu we even covered one of their tracks!
I’ll look into the video…


youtube-dl -x --audio-format mp3 <video_URL> will rip the audio to mp3. It’s quick and easy.


Probably a lot faster than my 1:1 method of robbing the RIAA :upside_down_face:

Every time I get a new piece of gear I have to remind myself that Decksaver is a company in the UK, with a factory in the UK, after initially going “$55 (or $90, or…) for a piece of fucking plastic!?”

Do they vigorously defend some sort of patent on making polycarbonate covers or is the startup cost to get the molds done just too expensive for Chinese Industry :tm: to copy/clone?

But nobody else really makes this sort of thing. No one. How does Decksaver corner this entire f’ing market with zero competition??


so you mean to tell me I don’t have to download it with Ant, then use ffmpeg to convert it to an mp3??? I’ve been doing it the hard way all this time???



an S2400 (finally!) Decksaver is $46 from Decksaver and $90 in the US -_- One for a Launchpad Pro mk3 is $55 here and $35 direct. They charge 27 bloody pounds to ship them, but it works out to $115 vs $145 + sales tax.


Eh, I don’t leave the S2400 out really, and Launchpads are pretty much indestructible, tbh.


I have a plan, I’m going to see which decksavers are on sale/clearance, buy that, then buy the synth to match. It might well be cheaper that way.

In all seriousness, I passed from decksaver territory into “keep your synthspace clean” territory a while ago (esp. since most of my synths are full size keyboards that take the more expensive decksavers).

  • a short aside, Moog charged me $50 for a paper manual for my Moog One since mine didn’t come with a manual and I wanted to be able to look up stuff when I had questions without getting up and going to my computer. Worst part is I paid it because, well shit, I’m in $6k for the synth and I may as well have the complete set right? So what the hell is $50 at this point? Decksavers feel like that, but for all the synths. -

Bonus, since synths are like half my bedroom now I have to clean my whole room like every week, which makes me look like I have my shit together a lot more than I actually do. No more pile of mystery mail I never bothered to open in the corner, that corner is spoken for now. Not to worry, the mail is shoved away in a drawer where I can continue to not open it, and the junk in the junk drawer is headed to the junkyard. But it LOOKS good.


For the Digitakt/Digitone/Syntakt size there’s a dude, in the UK, that makes them for a cheaper price. Try EBay, there might be the odd one