The Hardware Megathread


…this website got more contrasty and easier to read today. I approve :eyes:

I came here to say I found a Launchpad Pro mk3 for $170 and I think I’m going to buy it, that’s almost as cheap as a brand new X when they go on sale :smile:

Looking like maybe no power supply or cable, but I don’t need either :woman_shrugging:t2:


it dawned on me that as I had sworn off Guitar Center except for crazy used deals, that they have a propensity of putting the wrong pictures for things and I am paranoid I am getting an older Launchpad Pro.

That will be upsetting and they should have to come pick it up if they want it back :joy:


That ASM Hydrasynth Explorer kinda went under my radar, therefore just done a little research and hit purchase at Thomann, for how it sounds and what it does £438 seemed a no brainer to me.


It is great but there is one thing that really did my head in.

Say you want to assign an envelope to the pitch, the value does not correspond to anything. So if you put the envelope amount to 100 it will not be as much of a change as you’d expect so you have to USE ANOTHER MODULAR AND KEEP STACKING UNTIL YOU GET THE DESIRED EFFECT AMOUNT.

But it sounds great, it’s super clever and cheap.


Apparently not clever enough for envelopes to work right :joy:


It isn’t their fault since GS is hiring them but the guys in pro audio at the GS near me…bless their little hearts lol…they don’t know much…


Was just in a GC in LA and holy hell, they didn’t have anything in stock.


Not surprised. I’m probably not getting my new Pioneer XDJs until December (Sweetwater). No one has anything.

Now I have to wait until Christmas to be a DJ with more gear than talent…oh wait :stuck_out_tongue:


I keep thinking we’re back to normal and then I have to go to 3 grocery stores to find gluten-free bread. And I live in LA where I have 8 grocery stores in a 15 minute drive from my house. It’s got to be worse in the less densely populated areas.


Seems like the times are ripe for revolution?


My therapist has one grocery store. All the gas stations are owned by one place.

Where im at, all the baby formula is locked in a cabinet. We do still have food on the shelves though.

At this point, I really wonder… I think about things like a potential second american civil war, etc :upside_down_face:


I’m too out of shape for much of a revolution lol but if the kids want to they should go for it.



I was reading up about the concept of driving in your Lane.
No point in facing the cops in a riot if you don’t know how to handle yourself in a fight, nor in being involved in direct action if you’d end up endangering your buddies, stick to your lane and help how you can, be it fundraising, raising awareness, offering support.
Never thought about it, but makes sense.


I actually got a Launchpad Pro mk3 for $170 :sweat_smile: Came with the original box, both TRS to MIDI dongles, the USB cable. Only missing the power adapter. It was shipped in an oversized boxed massively protected with cut-to-size bubble wrap, ie the bubble wrap was a few inches thick with a pocket the size of the box. I made out like a bandit in this case :smile:

Edit Hmm, Maschine isn’t showing a Launchpad Pro MIDI device… I have both hooked up. Well that’s stupid… :unamused:


That absolutely makes a ton of sense. And honestly even if I was in good shape my mind is probably always going to be my best “weapon.”

“I drink and I know things.”


how do i assist the revolution with synths and ableton programming?


I have the same issue, what is my lane? I donated the little I made in this year to various non profit orgs trying to support what I could. But to be fair, it wasn’t much so it wouldn’t have made much difference to me. I’m sure I could do more though.


Im not sure. You could donate your behind the stage talents to worthy events? I know that may feel like work though, but just having someone that can make speakers and a microphone work together could mean everything to a small, local organization which I feel have more direct and immediate influence in peoples lives.

For me house music is inherently “political” since it was largely marginalized people who kept disco alive and created house music. On the the other hand if you don’t know the history I don’t know a more disposable and utilitarian kind of music.

I mean…apparently Rage Against the Machine couldn’t even get the message across to some of their former fans who didn’t know their music was at social and political issues so I’m not sure what chance any of us have lol.

Personally I’m just going to keep playing queer/positive/fun music in public and being as fabulous as possible with no shame.

The best thing most of us can do is talk to people in our real lives about their questionable opinions and beliefs. It’s the hardest thing to do and I’m bad at it.



This thread now has Dead Kennedys on it so is automatically a better thread.