The Hardware Megathread


Melodics sent me an email about “mirroring pads” for finger drumming, and then the very same day I discover xpresspads who also teach a mirroring method, including a dual 4x4 pad method for things like even playing heavy metal drums lol. I also saw some guy do that sort of thing on a single 4x4 pad basically holding his hands “open” and then rocking them back and forth around the pads; it was kinda wild but impressive.

I think I’m going to look into xpresspads, it’s only $40 for their basic method, $20ea for the other three “styles” or $70 for the whole thing. They even have a Maschine tutorial and pad setup files but that also implies using a computer and various drum plugins.

But I figured out what to do for Maschine+ standalone; I’ll just need to spend some time setting up Maschine Sampler kits to load and basically save a Project specific for this method of playing live drums. My band has an electronic drum kit, too, so I might even be able to go to MIDI Mode or something and still not faff with a computer.

There’s also examples of using it in EDM, etc, where I think “only” 8 effective instruments isn’t really limiting in any appreciable way on just 16 pads.


My problem with that it that it feels too much like real drumming while I’m more looking for a mix of samples/loops/one shot. I’m happy with my current mix of Melodics and Patreon with Gnarly, my skills have grown a lot.


Valid. When I’m doing drum things for electronic music I’m often launching dystopian vocal one shots off the pads🙃


Moog has been warming up for about 90 minutes. I knew it would do stuff like crack and pop as it got temperature, but I still ran to check on it and make sure it wasn’t smoking when I heard those noises come from the other room… it was surprisingly loud.

I checked and the tuning seems to be pretty good, not checking against anything except itself yet. I turned the oscillator compensation off and it’s a bit looser that way, but it doesn’t seem crazy off. Played some of the patches onboard, found an organ sound, just checked that way.

My first patch was noise through a resonant ladder filter and a delay. Really simple classic scifi sound, but I’m smiling like an idiot. More info in a few days when I get it situated on a stand going to my interface.


Pics or it didn’t happen.


I tried like 4 different happy faces and they all look a bit like I’m dating this thing, so I’m just going all in on that look.


Best Frens 4 Lyfe:

Also works great with modern MPCs and the S2400; basically any stand alone hardware that has USB Host capability. Novation added four more Custom Modes to the X with the 2.0 FW so it has eight now. I still might get a Pro but the X still works very well if you just want a note board

I was trying that xpresspads place’s MTN “magic tone network” but it was done way back in 2016 before Launchpads with a Note/Scale Mode were a thing and it just felt complicated. I can play chords on the Scale Mode 8x8 grids easily enough and I’m happy with it


Welp, finally got around to replacing the USB port on my OG Axiom 49. Gotta do the OG Trigger Finger next. I’m lazy and have a bit of a buzz so I’ll prolly do it tomorrow.


Except for the wank-gloves, that looks sci-fi as hec. Just a wee bit more nerd and you can be @chasedobson :smiley:


wank gloves???


Green/white box with the purple hand/glove on it. This is a man that is ready for downtime :smile:


wheredeydodatat??? Serious question, I’ve never heard of gloves being used for such a thing.

I use those when I take the dog out (nothing like a hole in the bag when you pick up dog shit, your hand won’t feel clean for at least a week), changing cat litter, changing the guinea pig cage, reloading magazines with ammo, and when I handle solder (I’m old school, before the days of lead-free solder).


I used to clean up dog crap in college for extra $$$ – I wore gloves too lol.

In all seriousness all the people in this thread that can open stuff up and fix it always impress me. Ya’ll multi talented bastards.


I’m not nearly as good as I was when I was a kid. Back then I could take apart and repair all sorts of devices. Way handier with a soldering iron then as opposed to now. Stuff like replacing a USB port is pretty simple though so I got through it.


Defo not part of this category.


You do make stellar tunes and have fabulous cats though.


Especially this one.


“ mpc is not included but if you want i can relist and add to price for 8800.$ selling all together i do not want to sell individually or split them up”

My dude, not even the hippest of hipsters is going to buy all of those fucking modules at once and especially with the MPC tacked on lol🙃

Edit lol they put it up :joy:


Ouf. Cool collection but good call. I strongly doubt anyone is dropping almost 10k on that collection. I’m pretty sure you can get all those sounds for free online lol

I’ve seen these 80s/90s dance record collections for sale that are like a record stores worth of vinyl. Would love to buy one and just spend time picking through. Who had the time or $$$ tho?


I know I saw ROM dumps on the S2400 forum. I wanted to get them but the download was abysmally slow and I get putting my computer to sleep forgetting about it because it was SO. DAMNED. SLOW.

I’ve also seen Kontakt libraries on eBay for like $8 for each piece of hardware.