The Hardware Megathread


Successfully repaired an Elektron Analog RYTM, I’ll get to hold onto it for the foreseeable.

Electro breaks incoming.


So this looks cool. Comparatively cheap-as-chips open source, DIY OP-1.


It seems like an update to the sp-404 MKii is coming and it includes step sequencing, which is kind of a big deal. I sold my first one because Internet prices were crazy and because the UK failed at implementing post Brexit border checks, I manage to import a new one from France for around £70 under rrp.

It will be hard to resist scalping as the new update plus low stock will drive prices way up…


Will be interested to hear what you think/come up with. RYTM seems to get more hate than love these days.


first thoughts - this machine is like an electribe ER1 on steroids.

pads are good and responsive but in “mute mode” im getting weird pad functionality, Elektron forum shows LOADS of this being a problem, cross talk on the pads. Lots of returns, repairs etc. I’ll open this one up to tighten down the UI PCB and reseat the pads, perhaps they’re ever so slightly mis-aligned.

Sounds good, specific, but then I’m only using the synth engine at the moment, no custom samples have been loaded up.

I dig it, I’m cooking up some alien IDM electro, pretty much what I expected to get out of this box.


Cool. ER-1 on steroids is a good place to start. Too bad about those issues.


Hopefully I can do that in the next week or two. Actually asked the seller to wait and send it until this afternoon, so it probably won’t get here before the middle of next week. I cleaned my room thoroughly last night, so today or tomorrow I have to rearrange some furniture to make room for a new stand, which is hopefully still arriving tomorrow. Basically, I had to have the synth delayed to make sure I have somewhere to put it when it gets here. It’s funny, I’ve been saving for this for two years, been waiting for the right time to actually pull the trigger for about 3 months, but I’m still not really ready for it to show up.

Had to order a set of 20ft cables so that it can reach my interface, those don’t come in until next friday, so I’ll be getting it set up and tuned with just headphones (the new tuning process takes 4-5 hours after you let it warm up for an hour, so it will just be on for a day while I work). I’m assuming that after being trucked here from Florida it’ll need a tune, though maybe @chasedobson can chime in on how stable it is if he’s working with one on the road. After that, I can at least get audio, I may be able to get video if I figure out OBS, though syncing audio and video recorded in OBS is something that has eluded me for years at this point.


I reorganized my desk surface last night. Previously I had my typing keyboard centered (obviously) with a Livid DS-1 behind it that I basically never used, and to my left at an angle so it was facing me was my Maschine Mikro mk3. I put my Maschine+ there (it’s easy enough to move it between the desk for software use or the Jam Station :tm: for hardware use) and used it. But I then got rid of the Livid DS-1 because I basically never use the thing, even if I can pretty easily use it as a mixer controller in Bitwig (add an EQ to a track and its knobs are automapped to it via a script from Livid). I mostly just pile crap on its Decksaver cover lol…

So I put my Maschine+ front and center where the DS-1 was which is… okay. I raised it up at an angle, too. It works well there but it also blocks access to the controls of my Proteus 2000 and Morpheus… Not ideal… I might go back to the Mikro as my “desktop Maschine” since it’s small enough to not block anything and I have a large computer screen right above it so having two screens on the device isn’t needed. Being off to the left isn’t bad, either, tbh, so I dunno… decisions, decisions…

One thing I have yet to figure out is if I can use the Maschine pads to play one Group’s sounds and an attached keyboard to play another Group. I couldn’t make it work in software, but maybe I just need to learn how to operate my Keylab mk2 better, or it’s easy with a Komplete Kontrol or something :woman_shrugging:t2:

I did totally remove my Razer Tartarus V2. I’ve had three of these types of devices over the years (basically a secondary programmable keyboard for the left hand) and I never use them, so I don’t know why I keep buying them lol. I guess I just like the idea of them more than actually using them.


I might move to a new house soon, I can’t wait to work on my ergonomics!


With rental prices going nuts I’m so glad we own a home even though it’s a tiny cottage just bigs enough for two people and five cats.

That gloominess being stated, congrats! Now you’ll have to pay to fix everything!!! :stuck_out_tongue: but for real congrats :slight_smile:


Just another rental, no way I can buy at the moment, gear or no gear…


Ah ok. I scanned over a FB post from you that made me think you were buying.


I’ve only used the Moog One in a controlled environment, the studio.

:edit: I wouldnt tour a Moog One FWIW. One would have to have 2 of them in the event that something goes wrong and thats a hell of a lot of $. I’m not stoked about touring Prophet X’s like I am, they’ve not been the most stable/reliable unit I’ve encountered, and shipping them around the globe hasn’t done them any favors.


Verdict is in. Despite some annoying things the Elektron Analog RYTM is great.

I’ve not imported any samples to it yet, and I’m sure that’ll be an awesome thing but as an parameter locked analog synth based drum machine its a lot of fun.

:disclosure: this was tracked into Ableton and mixed and has my standard mastering chain on it.


That was what I thought. I think even Moog knows that because of how you can save the entire machine state (settings, presets, setlists, etc) to a USB, plug that into any Moog One and load the machine state into it. I’m told that was their solution for people who want to try and tour with it, just take your machine state and load it onto a local rental.

I’m surprised the ProphetX would give you issues beyond being expensive. But I agree, even not having toured, I’d only want a laptop, interface, and some fancy-looking MIDI controllers to put on a show with. I’d put the rest of the live budget into cool-ass lighting rather than carry two of all my synths around. Although I’m not much of a performer, so actual live playing instruments isn’t super important to me as long as the audience buys what I’m doing… I’d probably be one of those DJ fails where when you look close enough none of my controllers are plugged in and I just hit play at the start of the show.


It does sound good, I bet the Syntakt can get there too, just not in my hands…


I spent more time with the sp-404 and the latest update and this is so weird and ‘liberating’ compared to the Mpc. The Mpc is still queen, but the sp has something about it that makes it fun. I resample more, I try different things, I delete more, I care less.
I’m spending 2 weeks on my own in a hotel in Munich in August and this will be my buddy.


I wasn’t sure if there was any crossover with the Syntakts “machines” and the ones on the RYTM but I kinda thought the same (just a neutral observation). Dat kick! Ouf…very 808…but also very “smooth”? Maybe it is just that there are so many overdriven 808 type sounds these days but there was something very silky about the texture there that I absolutely loved.

If anyone wants to make a little RYTM or Syntakt kick drum pack, I’m over here drooling.


I really love playing sliced loops live on the SP-16. Really enjoying playing around with imprecise/auto slicing to get some glitchy grooves. I haven’t been making any of my own sounds lately, I just have my iPhone strapped to the inputs and sample whatever I please.


Not sure how I ended up here but…in coming live set of of yacht rock remixes on the SP-16