The Hardware Megathread


Happy Synthday!
I hope you’ll enjoy your cake, I totally made it, seriously.


So the Launchpad Pro mk3 works on a Linux laptop… just… GFY NI lol…


Oh well, this is weird, here’s a recording of me practicing a new beat, all finger drumming live…

Getting better, slowly, but much tighter than when I started. I got to the point that the metronome is no longer an hindrance, just a guide I can ignore…


I’m over the confirmation bias. Native came back saying my 10.5" iPad Pro uses USB C and thus plenty of power when my point of mentioning it was that it uses Lightning and thus much less supplied power than even USB 2.0

People keep pointing to “power issues” when it literally works with everything but a Maschine+ even when using a powered hub. The Maschine+ itself even powers it :joy: The Maschine+ just won’t see it as a MIDI device and it is the ONLY thing that doesn’t see it as a MIDI device over USB. I have nothing left to do but to give up and use MIDI DIN or stick with the X.

Edit I have a USB tester arriving tomorrow. I’m getting to the f’ing bottom of this :smiling_imp:


The results are in. The most I ever got the LP Pro mk3 to draw was 340mA briefly, it was mostly around 290-300mA in Note Mode (ie all the button LEDs lit). LP X is about the same power draw, too.

So there’s that, NI :woman_shrugging:t2:


Did a Moog One recording session tonight. Unfortunately, my dedicated recording PC conked out (needs a new battery), so that meant I had to install interface drivers on the new laptop, update the firmware on my interface to match the new drivers, set up a new recording template. Annnndd, then I found out if my laptop screen goes to sleep it actually stops recording too, so there are a few dropouts and some volume changes as I was figuring out gainstaging. In short, this was a much more technical bug-ironing session than I intended, and you will hear it.

The first 15 minutes of this are my sounds, and the last 5 are some of my favorites I saved to the front panel so far. I’m nowhere near through all of them. I’m not going to name/explain every sound, but if you’re dying to know about something I’ll answer any questions you have if you can tell me the time of the sound you’re interested in.


I have to spend 2 weeks in Munich as I’m starting a new job, I’ll only bring tge SP-404 and the Ipad. If I don’t learn the SP-404 in these 2 weeks then I can consider myself a music failure.

Prepare yourself for the post-work-lo-fi-beat dump.

And it looks like the week after I come back I’ll move to a new home back in London and my work room won’t have a slanted ceiling anymore, hurray for headspace!


I’m not a big fan of FM synths but I’m fighting the urge to get the OpSix at that insane promo price… $329.99…!!!


I’m always too intimidated by FM to commit to a hardware synth but that is a hell of a price.


Pretty easy for me to hold off right now, too hot to fire up hardware unless I just sweat all over it and play badly.

It’s not even that hot here, but I can’t stop sweating.


I changed the spark plugs in a car yesterday in the middle of the day and regretted every minute of it lol… but it had to be done, oof… fortunately a friend has all the tools in the world as I certainly don’t. I cut up, polish, and stain tree carcasses not work on mechanical things…

it is good I have no money right now…


Finally arrived…


Happy to report I did NOT buy the OpSix. It’s been a real tough one because I’m a sucker for good deals (this was 56% off!) and I almost pulled the trigger a few times. They were gone in 2 days.

Ultimately, I didn’t buy one because I don’t have spare time to spend on a synth I don’t really care about in the first place. Now if Korg wanted to do the same thing on the Wavestate… I’d buy it in a heartbeat :smile:


I’ve heard a lot of people say they’d be more interested in modwave (myself included, I’m interested in that Kaos pad) or wavestate. Probably why they had to move these Opsixxes so much. The fact they have a 1:1 match for the synth in software for $200 all day every day can’t help. IIRC they have a wavestate VST too, just not the modwave (yet?).


Yep, I heard that the OpSix was not selling all that well. I mean, no corporation is going to clear thousands of relatively new synths (how old is the OpSix? 2 years old, if that?) at more than 50% off out of sheer sudden generosity… That’s why I don’t think the Wavestate is going to be on sale anytime soon - it’s been selling like crazy. Dunno about the Modwave though. And yes, strange there is no VST version of the Modwave (yet).


Not specifically synth-related, but I didn’t want to remake it. How GAS works:


I’ve officially leveled up to “huh I should probably have insurance on this…” for my synths. My health insurance has been paying for itself lately, and I guess that made me think.

It just hit me today that with a valuation of my equipment over 5 figures I wouldn’t exactly have the cash around to replace/repair that at a moment’s notice. Got a quote from music pro today of around $240/year, going to see if my home insurance can add some sort of hi-value waver for a lower price. Plus music pro wants the year’s premium upfront, my current insurance would be like an extra $20 a month if their price is comparable.


Reminds me I should get dedicated instrument insurance. I have “normal” insurance but after friends have dealt with break ins and what insurance actually gave them to replace things ie “here’s the used value of your shit, now good luck finding it and then come back with what you actually paid and we might give you more” I don’t want to deal with all that… especially since some of my instruments (basses mainly) are exclusive colors or WAY more expensive used than new and discontinued.


I remember, vaguely, looking into this in the past and the only thing I could find that seemed to cover it was renter’s insurance. Do you have to go to like a specialty company to get this or start some kind of LLC and insure it’s property?


I found a link to this place from someone who had this question a decade ago on gearspace when I googled “music equipment insurance”. They still seem to be in business, so I got my quote from them. I have (I should say more accurately, since I live with my parents and drive a car registered in their name, I’m on their) home/auto insurance, buuuuuuut…

I think that I’m beyond what normal home/renters insurance would pay out (I don’t know if I want to say the exact number, but like I said before we are well over $10k here), without getting some high value exception added to the policy (which won’t be a problem since my rent is paying the family’s insurance bill among some others). The common thing that is for is something like jewelry. I don’t know if my insurance would be willing to give an extra policy for my synths.

Even if they do, those will most likely be insured as property, not instruments, so there would still be restrictions like I cannot use them to earn money (because then they’d be a business asset and the first thing my insurance company is going to do in the event I actually come to them with a claim is forensically account me as hard as they can to make sure I’ve never made a penny on music so they can hopefully avoid paying that claim out) or they cannot leave the house if I were to start gigging (since they are insured as home property and not as an instrument). At least with musicpro, that stuff doesn’t seem to be a problem.