The Hardware Megathread


I was listening to Trance Energy Radio on Apple Music while on the train this morning, and I was reminded about how they clearly use a bad program for it. Between every song the transitions are a cacophony of popcorn kick drums until the new song takes over :joy:

And it’s been this way for years pretty much :rofl: just no fucks given.


They would have to have just an amazing track selection for me to be able to listen to that lol


lol it’s mostly just background noise while I read. And in my head having headphones/earphones on keeps people from talking to me. Usually works.

I’ll probably put on Kiyoshi on the way home.


Petco is sending me Pride emails on buying rainbow stuff for my pet.

I guess my cat is gay now :upside_down_face:

(this is not a shot at LGBT anything. It’s more a shot at the corporatization of Pride month)


Yea its like really ridiculous at this point. I try to only buy Pride items from charities or companies that make such products all year.


yep. Target in the US has part of their clothing section dedicated to it and a company, etc, year round.




Weirdest thing, thought I saw him at the grocery store today and then I got home and found out.

BTW there’s no reason he should have been at my grocery store, but I had to do a triple take to make sure it wasn’t him.


A sad day for electronic musicians.


noooo :frowning:

Rest in peace midi man.


It’s that time of year where we start sharing the “don’t give your money to corporations sapping rainbows on everything, give money directly to me, a gay” memes


Well playing that little party over the past weekend convinced me I need to sell everything that isn’t bolted down to upgrade my DJ media players to ones with motorized jog wheels. Probably not going to fool with it for a while yet. Undecided on whether I should sell or keep my current DJ media players or not. RD-8 and TD-3 were fun but definitely willing to let those go in favor of this purchase.


That season of the year again…


If nothing else, I’m a creature of habit : )


I just spoke with Queenie Liz and I can confirm something that she will announce the new season name later today as part of the Royal Jubilee.
The 4 season will be changed to:
Winter, Spring, Relic commits to a Dj setup, Autumn.


It came in yesterday. Just gotta take it apart to swap the backup battery and it’s off I go!


3am this morning thought id sample and remix DOP “Get out on this dance floor” 1991 classic :joy:


ayyy we’re back! \o/


I was already planning on opening new forum, called The Hardware MegaThread, with only one thread.


it looks like the Discord has changed a lot since I was last on it. You could make a channel called #the-hardware-megathread :joy:

And as I double-checked to make sure that wasn’t a thing, #synths is showing “hardware megathread” XD