The Hardware Megathread


It should be for Americans XD (cheeky incoming). Last time I checked the USD is strong AF against the AUD :eyes: I used to take out $500 at an Aussie ATM and it only cost me like $350 :upside_down_face:

This is relevant to some people’s interests…


I’ve been practicing my finger drumming, here’s the current (low) level of my skills, with total disregard for tempo and a few mistakes on the second half. Big mistakes on the second half, normal mistakes everywhere…


Thoughts and Prayers, I just booked a courier to send the MPC Live for repair and get the USB replaced…


Yellow keys be like…

I’ll have to look into it. I think lemon juice is the way, or something else if it isn’t from smoke. I don’t think it’s smoke, it never smelled like a smoker’s synth and it’s worse than I remember


Looks like the kind of thing you’d use retro-brite for. Lot of ways to go about that, but I think most of them depend on common household cleaners/chemicals/shampoos and some sunlight.


yeah I’ve seen people retrobrite with hydrogen peroxide and sunlight.

The thought of taking that keybed apart to retrobrite it is terrifying :open_mouth:


The cat is appalled.
Very rightly so.


Yeah my Moog Little phatty keys have gone yellow too, again kept in a smoke free environment, strange.


Definitely sounds like a full day’s work, yes. Maybe two. I have a few of those weekends ahead of me, know how you feel.


I was at work today the normal boring day so I visited Elektronnauts forum and noticed the blastbeats thread,a couple of folks on the thread got rid of their blastbeats after a few days because it didn’t sound like an 808, there’s some proper brainless folk around passing themselves off as producer/musicians.


I can’t speak to that scenario specifically. But if you dig around on Elektronauts too long you’ll find a lot of opinions like this–where it is absolutely clear the person just doesn’t seem to know what they are talking about.


With the Mpc out for repair I took the Force out of storage, once it clicked again it it was like meeting an old friend again…

Super fun to jam and come up with something.



Ah yes you mean it’s a forum!


The more I deal with internet musicians the more I basically just hate every place online except this forum thread LOL.


Played a small loft party this past weekend in Cleveland, OH. That was a wild ride. I accidentally only ate pretzels and popcorn on Saturday. Went to an awesome taco place for brunch the next day and drank all the fucking bottomless mimosas.

I thought my buddy was giving me THC mints during one hour I played. Turned out I ate shitload of nicotine mints lol. Went really well with the dragonfruit Red Bull and vodka. edit: after all that shit kicked in suddenly the BPM of the set jumped to 130+ lol


Looks furtive, sneaks away


It’s like visiting the fruit forum, I’m interested in buying a banana I’ve visited the banana production page, I’ve download the banana manual and I’ve watched some banana YouTube videos.

I ended up buying the banana but after a week of use I was pretty gutted it didn’t taste like an apple so I had to return it.


Forever now am I going to think of Canecreek as a Minion.


I would end the sentence here.
Have you seen any of my or Relic’s posts over there?