The Hardware Megathread


I like it. It feels very playful in a genre all-too-often trying to be overly serious or that takes itself way too seriously.


I not so respectfully disagree, I had a monostation and hated every second with it.

But then again, I also hated the Dreadbox Typhon which everyone seemed to love.

Unrelated note, I haven’t finished a song in months, I should get shit done…


Such slack.


I just think some of you guys/gals flip your gear too quickly.
I bought my Digitakt in 2017 and didn’t start using it till two weeks ago, my access Virus C I bought in 2005 and didn’t start using it till 2021 and the Elektron Analog 4 I bought in 2012 but haven’t used it yet :joy:


We were playing with a bunch of new production techniques, and beyond wanting to created something that was hypnotic and dark and kinda a bit background, we didn’t really have many pre conceptions going into it


I’ll definitely use my gear straight away, often it takes a long time tho to find the sweet spot.

Been eyeballing the Novation Monostation, I don’t even know why, lol, Parameter Lock sequencing my Sub37 w the octa could get me in the same zone.


We really like ours. There’s a surprising amount of flexibility for what it is


I was making this EP around christmas then my mother died and i forgot i was making it, i’m not sure its even finished but tonight i released it anyway, the track call cruel disease has my access virus on the intro, first time i used it in 16 years lol.


I’ll check this out later!


We remember every producer we knew back in the early 2000s going crazy for the access virus


I can still spend hours just tweaking the filter section on a Virus C, I think it sounds gorgeous.


Same, only mine is a B


I love my OG Trigger Finger. I’ve got to replace the USB jack on it because the slightest movement on the cable will disconnect it (also have to do it on my 1st Gen Axiom 49, cats have royally screwed it up), and I have the part to do it but I’m lazy right now.


I had to fly back to MI last week and while there I stopped at a used instrument shop that I bought a stupid amount of stuff from in the late 90’s/early 00’s. They had a Yamaha QY100 with the box and everything tucked away on a shelf and I told myself I’d come back to buy it. Completely forgot to go back to the shop. Just called them and asked if they could ship it and, lo!, they do.

It’s now on the way. I don’t really need it, but I’ve wanted one for some time and at $199 I really couldn’t pass it up.


Spent the morning sketching ideas on the model cycles. Got something interesting we think we can build into something more


I just did my Axiom61 10 min once you get the PCB out, recommended!

I’m using my trigger finger over din MIDI at this point, wish the editor was still supported on MacOS tho, it was wicked powerful.

I do have an old white MacBook in the closet….



Think I’m going to loan my friend the model cycles as a kinda gateway drug :grin::musical_note:


you could try a VM using an older version of Mac OS :face_with_monocle:


I had to do it a few years ago on my Axiom 25. Didn’t take long, I think I spent more time unscrewing the case than the actual repair.


First time I’ve seen this, an Australian poly synth called Nina with motorised pots/knobs, there’s another YouTube video showing the motorised pots but it does seem to link to the forum too well.

I guess it won’t be cheap.