The Hardware Megathread


Made a stand last week, tried the Oto Boum for 5 minutes to see if it works ok then wife made me box it up as i can’t have it till my birthday.

Ive removed Digitone for now as theres enough going on with Syntakt & Digitakt, think those two are a good pair, Digitakt patches up any gaps Syntakt is lacking.

My friend visited last night for a live jam, we were supposed to film it but i cocked up the rig, we made a good track with Syntakt & Digitakt, at some point i was telling him about Digitone so briefly removed Syntakt and gave him a demo of Digitone, when i swapped them back over instead of plugging cables into Syntakts audio out left/right, i plugged one cable into headphone out & one cable in Left out :rofl:

Its only when we went to go live and record i noticed my metering was only displaying mono, at that point we looked at each other and discussed the fact that at some point we both noticed the sound went pretty dull but didn’t mention it to one another thinking it was just in our heads :rofl:

I was convinced it was some setting inside the Syntakt we must of accidentally done, must of messed about for half an hour and by the time i noted the cable cock up it was time for my friend to go home :rofl: , so we’ve planned to do a live session another day.


That setup must be heaps of fun, especially when you start resampling the Syntakt into the Digitakt…


I haven’t resampled the syntakt yet, yesterday it was just vocals in the Mic and shortwave radio fodder.


Lalalala not listening. I do not need Syntakt to feed the SP-16. Lalalalalala.


Sat in bed last night with Digitakt and a short wave radio, made this 1 minute ‘political house’ track :rofl:




And in other news we finished a track, where all of the sounds came from our drumbrute and circuit monostation


Is it the one in my inbox or a new one?


It’s the one in your inbox :blush:


Ohh look who slipped in my DMs…


Common share the merchandise :grin:


If it’s good enough for him it’s good enough for all of us.

Post it.


I think it’s in the Listening Booth. They still use the listening booth instead of posting here, just for the people who care and matter…




Think everything bar a layered kick and the transformer whine came from either the drumbrute or monostation. Some of it’s relitively n processed, but the drums in particular went through a lot of processing


Unrelated, but how is it sooo difficult to learn to play to a metronome?
Give me time travel, I need to talk to my younger self!


I guess I take it for granted since I’ve been playing to a metronome since the 6th grade (school band).

I use an app called “Metronome” for a long time, but Impulse is really customizable if you know what you are doing already about time signatures and time divisions.


I’m using the MPC metronome as part of my finger drumming training, it has quite a few options so I can’t complain, the problem is me.


Nice track.

It kind of has a nice FSOL vibe going on with it. Really enjoyed the sounds you got out of the Monostation, very liquid.


Honestly we’re really impressed with that little box, it has a lot of sonic power