The Hardware Megathread


It’s a good little techno box


That’s awesome. Make a full length something from that please :slight_smile:


Got my measurements, off down the hardware shop for some wood to make a stand for the DT/DN/ST combo


Apparently Donner released their take on the 303 thing o.O


I really do wonder when the world will finally be sick of 303 clones.


I’m just plodding away making a trilogy stand :joy:


@relic here’s another delay to throw on the pile for you. Looks like it’s offering something new possibly…


I’ve always been interested in Meris pedals however never got around to buying one, I got Halfway through this video and stopped it because devices are just getting too smart for me nowadays.

Same at superbooth all those new eurorack modules are just too deep now for me, you end up with a rack of complex computers, gotta give up your day job just to find time to learn them.


[quote=“canecreek, post:5704, topic:24, full:true”] devices are just getting too smart for me nowadays.


Dig. I feel the same way. Keep it simple. Not saying I might not give this a try. I love Elektron a lot, but I never ever push the boundaries of what they can do. But then again I’m just making boots n pants boots n pants music for Chads lol


It’s boots and CATS.


Ugh I’m boxing myself into a corner with complexity with elektron. I’m good at getting granular but am failing to see the big picture with octatrack.

I fail at building a liveset, “good” at making interesting weird shit that ends up being tracked into DAW.


I’ve spent a lot of time over the last 10 years trying to figure out a live setup I sincerely gel with. Made plenty of headway making music on hardware and finishing in the DAW though. I think I’m almost there with my live setup-- the Toraiz SP-16 ,two decks and a mixer. I need to buckle down and concentrate on that.

Electron ended up being a dead end for me for live use. Those boxes want to be programmed more than played even w the lack of song mode on most of them.


I had the same problem with the OT, I enjoyed it but never managed to get anything useable.
This was the only decent thing I did with it:

And not even too good by my current standards.

BUT I love their current small format boxes, great to create good sounding, complex beat to resample.


I’m at work at the moment but I’ll have a listen to Auto’s OT post when I get home.

Been interested in a Oto boum for sometime, Googling about at work I noticed most UK supplier we’re out of stock and Oto website was out of stock, Juno had them in stock but said stock was low, baring in mind the chip shortage I ordered one from Juno, when this arrives it will be put away until my birthday later on in June.
GAS, there’s no light at the end of this tunnel.


Don’t hold your breath…


I’ve had my eye on the octatrak for long enough, but after buying the analog 4 on first release and hardly using it I know I’d get little use out of the Octatrak as I know it’s deep and requires time I don’t have.


It’s sick, but similar to your comment about the current crop of complex EuroRack modules it’s a commitment. I’ve only made big headway w OT since it’s the only instrument I have w me out hotel rooms.

I got an EricaSynths black seq to drive my modular and I feel the same way about it. Unsure if it’ll stay……


That kinda goes back to why I’m way more productive with less options.


Happy to report that the Syntakt honeymoon continues, that thing can sound dirty as fuck.

I’m sure it can do nice and clean though, just not in my hands…


When I say dirty, I mean this: