The Hardware Megathread


A few of the posts made it seem like people got them and already decided it was no good. But it is probably mostly people trying to make a buck, some how I forgot people did that.


I see all the same wordings as I did on graphics cards. “Lightly used” etc and then they post it for a price hundreds more than new street price or even MSRP XD


OG 6v


A few days with the Syntakt certainly isn’t enough time to get to grips with it, then there’s the fact it’s only on version 1.0 firmware, with a few updates it’s only going to get better.

I seen over elektronauts forum some guy started a thread stating after a day of use he swapped his Syntakt for a A4 mkii, then after a day of thread conversations he swapped it back, yeah the net is full of oddballs.


Haven’t watched or read much about it but wanted to leave this here…


I’m at work at the moment but the forums are already slating it’s lack of sample splicing/editing, when I get home I’ll watch the lollipop video, I hope this device isn’t for me I’ve spent enough.


Watched the Loopop this morning and it is definitely not for me.


I went and found that thread, that is just silliness!


Well the polyend play isn’t for me.

The OP-1 field is 2 grand, so forget that

Up to now it seems a money saving superbooth

However I guess something will emerge that begs money………


What I think is funny about these internet influencers is they are getting gigs reviewing gear that is simply lacklustre yet pretending they are enthusiastic to keep in favour of the manufacturer like them new Roland thingys for example.

I took one look at the YouTube Bobeats thumbnail and thought I’m not putting myself through that, I go descale the kettle instead.


TE has lost their fucking mind :rofl:


…a-are they seriously touting that as a new feature?? :rofl:


Hey once you put the new metronome through the new mother reverb and record it to the new portastudio emulation you’ll certainly know where your 2 grand went :joy:


RE: TE …as long as I’m not the fool being parted from his money I’ll happily sit back and watch lol


Right? I love my OP-1 but this is just too far, imo. Tbh I expected any OP-1 successor to be in the same price range as the current one (that has probably now tanked in value :eyes: ) and not several hundred dollars more.

I guess the micro mixer was a warning shot, though XD


It feels like they’re taking the pis of their fanboys


tHe wHaLeS wiLL bUy iT :upside_down_face:

(and pay for the ones we sent to YouTubers)


Found a 6v power adapter amongst Rufus’s spares, maybe bringing my Octatrack wasn’t all for not.

Pin config fits the Analog RYTM, fingers crossed.


just make sure it’s center positive. It should be, most things are except for 99% of guitar pedals. But you never know…


It’s got a flipping polarity end! SORTED


This can sound so negative…