The Hardware Megathread


Even during the height of lockdown thonk got stuff to me here in the US in a reasonable amount of time. I’ve built a couple of sequencers and other misc from them.


Had a few Syntakt sessions over the weekend and I think Digitone & Digitakt are better however Syntakt is only at 1.0 so plenty of time to blossom, version 1.0 should at the very least shipped with a compressor and Arpeggiator.
I hoping in future that add more pages for more in-depth tweaking yet I guess this won’t happen as it will encroach on Digitone powers, there plan is obviously not to let all boxes share the same features as they want folk to buy more than one box.


It sits between the 2 of them, synthesis is not as deep as the Digitone and of course it doesn’t have samples or the compressor like the Digitakt, but it’s a really nice machine. I’m enjoying my exploration so far, really glad I could easily make it sound ‘automageddon’.


Yeah it’s weird I’ve had Elektron’s for years and the workflow has never click with me then the other day I decided to give my machines another go and now I seem to be working them with ease, very odd.


I know you don’t do trance but this tip is worth knowing


I don’t know what they did different with the DT/DN/ I don’t know what the Syntakt abbreviation is…but I feel like they really nailed it down on this set of three machines (basing that purely on owning a DT).


Do you still have the DT?

Over at elektronauts they calling Syntakt ST


No, I sold it a while back. After I got the SP-16 it just didn’t make sense to keep it, I liked the DT a lot but I just wasn’t using it. Definitely wouldn’t ever claim I sold it because I didn’t like it!


Is this Automageddon enough?

Directly recorded to my phone via usb.

Edit, fuck this, link here


Like it, just been messing with mine too.


If I had less work and more money (lol) I would have loved to keep it just to make mangled/modulated/live recorded loops to feed the SP-16. That was one of the big reasons I traded up, the SP-16 handles loops much better generally and has Pioneer DJ time stretch which is pretty top notch.


Yea this sounds like you–however the timbre/texture is very different than your last releases (bravo, again, on that). This sounds analog and nicely over driven where as that release sounds crisp, modern, digital. They both work, but a distinct sonic difference. I like both flavors. edit: in regard to the texture of the sounds, this is one of the better Syntakt demos I’ve heard.


What I like about the Syntakt is I’m making busy sounding patches with 6 voices and still got 6 spare, once mastered this thing with be an all in one box for live performances, still needs an ARP like the one on DN and a Compressor like the one on DT though, hope I don’t have to wait 5 years for those features.


I run each track on the Syntakt through the effects track with quite some analog drive and just a bit of hi pass, I think that made quite a difference in sound. It’s nice to see how different gear can give me a similar result but with slight differences. I think it shows I finally found my voice and the skills to use my voice on different gear, yet the gear itself still can find a way to influence the outcome, it’s a nice dialogue.

Definitely and add the modulation triggers on top of that. I only used the retrigger so far.


Got to Brazil, went to setup my little on the road workstation only to find that my octatrack power adapter is still in denverrrrrrrrr.



I guess I’ll be working in Ableton. I installed the Arturia bundle on my travel laptop before I left.


Well, that’s kinda terrible :confused:


I don’t see how it’s possible but a few people out in the wild are trading and selling their Syntakts already. This shit is getting wild.


I bet some people simply bought a Syntakt only hoping to capitalize on the used market due to scarcity of a new, hyped product :unamused:


That was my plan B. I got it and I was sure if I didn’t like it I could have made some money on top.


is it a mk2? I bet a 12V DC adapter is fairly common to find at an electronics store. 6V for the OG, not so much :eyes: