The Hardware Megathread


I really like the Elektron ‘philosophy’ and how the instrument and the sequencer are just one.


I’m coming to the conclusion I might happy selling almost everything and just getting a 3rd CDJ and fxcking with other people’s music and maybe some of my own loops made in the DAW. I’m not that coordinated and it would simplify so much.


I feel like you’ve done this at least twice in the time I’ve known you and you’ve ended up with synths again. A storage unit may be your friend.

And @canecreek my osmose money went into a home theater. Not exactly music hardware related but my company switched payroll processors and as a result I got a huge check for accrued PTO. After putting tires on my cars, I did a TV upgrade, which turned into a TV and a new Klipsch soundbar (that’s some audio at least), which turned into a TV with a soundbar and a 6-foot beanbag to enjoy it on.


^Ah, some of my gear money went to home theater stuff recently too so I feel you there. I bought a sonos sound bar and went to adding the rear Ones then the sub over the span of like two weeks. I’m quite happy with it all though and it makes movie night with the kids actually way better than having another groovebox on hand.

Anyway, sorry for the derail here, lol.


I put new struts on the Subaru and now my music budget is 0.


Just received the Syntakt and after the first half hour and a half-assed attempt at a pattern I can say that:

  • The low end can be really heavy;
  • I love the analog kick machines;
  • Flicking through the demo this sounds really flexible;
  • That reverb, I never get tired of how spacious the reverb on the Digitakt sounded, this maybe is a little darker, but maybe it’s me;
  • The takt form factor is another thing I love, small and focused;
  • Last but not least and connected to the previous one, I can see myself just sitting at my desk with this and getting lost in sound design. It is not a deep synth in any aspect, but it is focused and the ‘machines’ are really flexible, which makes getting lost into this less complicated than programming an FM synth on the Digitone.


I did do a huge purge once (if you are talking to me, I think you are lol). But yea. More just thinking out loud. 100% sold a lot of stuff I regretted selling when I did that giant purge some years ago. I think I also have a history of saying this after I pick up mixing records on the regular again.


Nothing more to say other than I felt in the same boat. I considered an OB-6 with the money, but then I realized I would rather have a better gaming/movie room.

Hardware-wise, I just bought a new laptop for music as my old one is struggling with newer projects. It’s been almost 6 years, in raw terms the new CPU I’m getting is about 12x faster than the old one. So I’m going to see what I do with that for a few months and how I feel before I do anything crazy. And I have an old laptop to play around with now too, I’m thinking dedicated recording PC permanently wired to my synths’ MIDI and my audio interface. That should keep me busy for a bit.


The last 2 nights I’ve enjoyed using the Digitakt.
I’m at work now and just got an email that my Syntakt will get delivered in the next 2 hour, however we’re babysitting the grandkids tonight so the Syntakt will probably remain unopened until Saturday evening.
In a rush decision I photographed my Model cycles this morning and stuck it on Facebook for local sales asking for £200 cash, if I can’t get that much I’d rather keep it. I can’t be arsed with mailing it and PayPal wanting a cut.
In 20 plus years I’ve only ever sold two pieces of hardware, Effectrix WarpFactory which I deeply regretted and a meeblip, only because I had two.


Made my first loop on the Syntakt and I’m really happy, it can sound very heavy and full, the analog drive really adds to the character. I’ll post it on here when I come back from Brighton on Sunday…


Interested to hear it


[quote=“canecreek, post:5645, topic:24, full:true”] I photographed my Model cycles this morning and stuck it on Facebook for local sales asking for £200 cash, if I can’t get that much I’d rather keep it. I can’t be arsed with mailing it and PayPal wanting a cut.

I’ve pretty much gotten to this point. It isn’t worth the hassle selling online.


Sneaked away for 20 minutes during grandad duties, that Syntakt sounds like thunder.


The snippet I posted on my Instagram and Facebook story was just Syntakt, in case we are ‘friends’…


Lost a power supply in my modular, so I spent some quality time w the OctaTrack - I’m still missing the big picture but what I’m getting out of it is pretty dope.


I ain’t got one but from what I see The work flow on that thing scares the hell out of me,


When the kids went to bed, I got out the Digitakt instead to carry on with an idea, still not used the Syntakt yet, maybe tonight but before I even use it I know it needs a ARP, the arp is the source of all my ideas on the Digitone, Digitakt needs an arp too.
Oh yeah love the compressor on the Digitakt hopefully the Syntakt will get one.


Anybody doing any DIY kits, or know of a good place to grab things like that?


I don’t know what country you are from but thonk UK are great for all sorts of DIY kits


Thanks, this is great! I had been looking into synthcube, but they seem to be sold out of most anything that interests me.