The Hardware Megathread


I know, I know. For a while we had the MDUW and the OT co-existing, but that’s about as far as we got. I was pretty surprised when the A4 got MIDI sequencing, though. They held out against that for a long time.

Not like I need another sampler anyway :rofl:

I would be pretty happy with a lot more digital synth options that aren’t drum-related.




Ok that’s the best thing ever lolol


Digitakt vs Syntakt circuit boards. And so we’re seeing where that price difference is. How the hell are they even making this during a chip shortage?? :joy:

Unless they ARE the chip shortage :face_with_monocle::thinking:


The thing about this chip shortage as I’ve been doing DIY for a good decade ive got drawers full of electronic components, all this hardware I’m waiting for that not being delivered because of the shortage, if they just send me the half built machine I’d finish it off here at home


I almost got into… Lunetta synths? Plunking CMOS chips onto breadboards and prototyping synthesizers out of them or something.


Now that’s a heavily populated board!


Yeah people think the syntakt should be a similar price to Digitone/Digitakt however it has 4 analog voices.

Although I do think it should only be $100 more expensive as components in bulk are extremely cheap and it’s a machine placing them, it not as if your paying somebody to manually solder them.


Yeah that’s a fuck ton of SMD that robots place and then get baked onto the PCB in a giant pizza oven…


$100 in parts, $100 in Extra Elektron Tax :tm:

I think my local maker space has one of these :smiley:


Sharing it here too as requested by @RFJ
Part of a series of pictures for some costumes/patterns, things degenerated quickly.


Wish I could like this more than once. Also, our IDMf spycams can reveal what Auto was playing:



I really should have just splashed out on a NeuralDSP Quad Cortex and gotten a power amp, vs a 500W Darkglass head that Darkglass adds things from Neural to. Two input/output, has all the stuff I use on my computer for guitars (Orange Rockerverb and Diezel Herbert, specific speaker cabs, too, or I can use IRs), and the two most-used Darkglass bass overdrives I use from my Exponent :eyes:

Plus lots of effects I could use on synths… oh well. Apparently they are like hen’s teeth right now anyway.

Edit Holy fucking shit Quad Cortex’s are going for $1000 over retail on Reverb. This is the same shit I went through with video cards for over two years… :unamused:


Seriously, one of the most awesome pictures I’ve seen ever.



Not in the next 3/4 months, I think…


We sat down to finish the arrangement of a track but then spent an hour working in the reverb. Procrastination achievement unlocked


The last new thing I bought was (besides a travel rack) was the end of December last year. Hoping to make it to 2023 with no new gear.


My new love affair with Elektron,
Been having fun with the Digitone, I’ve now put it back on the shelf and tonight I’ll concentrate on the Digitakt.
The latest Osmose news letter made it quite clear we won’t be seeing it for sometime therefore the money I put aside for it was spent today on a Syntakt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: