The Hardware Megathread


That new syntakt got me inspired to wipe the dust off my digitone, the last 2 nights I’m starting to get used to the workflow and really enjoying the results. I’m about 4 years off being half as good as Cenk :joy:


Honestly I can see myself ending up with one of them at some point if I really, truly wanted one box to do everything.


I love them in Stand Alone mode despite mainly using a Maschine+

Everything about them is so easy when it comes to setting up effects, pad groups, etc. When I see people complain about “only 8 tracks” I think: A single Drum Program has access to 128 pads/sounds, and each pad can have up to four effects, you have a Pad Mixer, the entire Program can have four effects… these people need to learn to use their gear, or look deeper into how it works if they don’t own one. A lot of mileage can be had from just one track.

Not to say that Maschine+ doesn’t have its advantages, too. But yeah, modern MPC hardware is pretty great.


I saw last night MPC 2.10 brought some really, really cool updates to the software. It’s crazy all it does now with the built in synths, new effects, mastering tools and workflow tweaks. It dies way more than it did when I had one in 2019.

In other news…

Here’s more from Polyend on that yet to be announced thing from them…

I’ll probably wait to see what this is before pulling an impulse buy on an MPC.


If its only half as fun as their tracker then it will be brilliant


I hadn’t really paid attention to the new MPCs at all. Strangely even though I’m a big rap and house fan the MPCs have been relatively off my radar. I’ve got say I can see why people are all about the Live–and that is just from watching a video from its initial release. I could 100% see myself going that route for an all-in-one machine to make beats on and totally forgoing the computer.

At the moment still loving the SP-16 though.


Hit me up when you want a demo. Since I started taking finger drumming lessons I’m liking mine even more…


I definitely need to get into using pads live more. That might be the best way to integrate the SP-16 into my DJ setup. Now that I’m done writing tracks for the new EP I’m so lost again on wtf I even want to do with music.


Speaking of, I pulled my old M-Audio Trigger Finger out of the basement, there are no longer drivers for it, but it has a proper midi out.

I’m trying to get back to my skills in my “finger drumming prime” - mainly tho I just loop parts and overdub until i get something I like going.

My homie Brian (records music as Mux Mool) is a GREAT finger drummer, I got the Trig Finger out so that I could build drum racks that followed his 16 pad layout for ease of collaboration using Kontakt’s “session drummer” samples as the sound source.


Had 3 nights on the Digitone, 2 hrs each night and I think this 80’s inspired patch was the best thing I’m made in that short time, plenty of mistakes I’m still learning.


I’ve got to say, that M-Audio Trigger Finger is defo high on my list of gear I’ve regretted selling. It is a damn fine MIDI controller. I had it sequencing most of my “giant setup” like 6 years ago. I remember it being really easy to assign values to the pads and there were a ton of layers etc.


Needs more Grogu :smiley:

That squidge octave bassline sounds great.


As I said on the video, makes me want to upgrade my Model:Cycles to the Full Experience:tm: XD Nice job.


I never sell gear I always hoard it however at some point I’ll probably buy a syntact and that will totally replace the model cycles, I’ll have to see if there a decent market for selling the cycles.


I’ve only just noticed who Grogu is, I thought it was Yoda, I should know better as I watched the bounty Hunter/ boba fett series lol


I’m going all in, none of that layer by layer recording!
Too bad I discovered I have 10 left ring fingers in my hands and they can’t coordinate at all!!!


Sweetwater, zZounds, Perfect Circuit, probably forgetting some, sell demo gear as such. Guitar Center will sell you the floor/demo model with a smile and not even bother looking for the packaging. I stopped shopping there for a long time and now I remember why. I even just had employees being offended I was returning something as “taking food out of their mouth” and another mumbled “this is bullshit I’ll hook you up with some deals this week” o.O

They listed a Darkglass Element as “on clearance” and it was, yet again, the floor model, and they couldn’t even find it at first, nor bothered to look for the packaging with the USB C cable and swag (I like stickers lol…). I was actually planning to pay full price for it when I returned what I was returning.

I’ve had issues like this with more than one store in the area, so I think I’m done shopping there again. This clearance wasn’t listed on their website at all so I think I got lucky, but if another GC has one with its packaging for the $180 clearance price I’ll get that one and return this one.

I also emailed Darkglass to see how they feel about providing warranty support to gear that could already be past its warranty period being sold to customers as new, with a receipt/proof of purchase reflecting this false reality. Maybe they accept this, maybe they do not, but I’ll be curious to see their answer either way.


I knew substan would finally appear and make the Syntact shine


This sounds really good. I’m curious if Elektron plans to add more machines to it at some point. like a fucking sampler FFS Elektron, stop being so stingy with samplers! :rofl:


You ain’t gonna get sampling, that would wipe Digitakt out the picture

Hopefully that’ll add a compressor at some point like Digitakt.