The Hardware Megathread


Well, I replaced the battery in my MKS-50. At one point I lost basically every single thing I went to look for lol. Screwdriver (behind the chassis), coin cell holder, solder, the damned battery itself :rofl:

Synth works great, now, but apparently I need to manually reload FACTORYB.syx as those are scrambled still; it only reloads bank A on its own -_-. But at least all the voices work, etc. Fuck it sounds so good, too :joy:

Oh yeah, the coin cell holder I soldered in place so future battery changes are a breeze? The pins slotted right the fuck into place like they or the board were designed with the holder in mind. God damn you, Roland :joy:


no tl’dr neeeded, great points! enjoyed reading.


I’m all for behringer doing what they do.

I laugh when folk on forums talk about how cheaply build their products are, the behringer 960 sequencer I recently bought for my eurorack is one of the best built modules I own.

As I always mention the cheapest built synths I’ve ever come across are dreadbox, but they sound good.


My TD-3, RD-6, K-2, and Wasp are f’ing solid brick shithouse builds in how they feel.

Like Behringer or not, agree with their business model or not, the clones, etc - the build quality, or at least feel of them, seems to be crazy good. Cheap plastic cases, sure.

My Modal SKULPT feels absolutely dreadful in comparison.


My model D drifts WILDLY and the LCD Screen on my Deepmind has gone really dim.

Both are still useable tho.


as I check the global pitch on my Wasp and see it at nearly 3 o’clock :rofl:

K-2 is at noon, at least :eyes:


Yea, I think Behringer can be hit or miss with quality but I like what they are doing. There is a massive difference between the quality of the TD-3 and the RD-8 quality wise. The TD-3 just feels cheap. The RD-8 seems nice and solid. The Bro-1 seems pretty solid build wise. Will see if anything weird happens with it.


I hated the sound of the Typhon immediately. Sold it asap.
I loved the Neutron, sound and form, but I bought it 2nd hand and some connections were busted so I had to return it…


I’ve been tempted to get a typhon a few times


Everyone loves it but me.


A few weeks old now but here’s a teaser from Polyend for you all…

And here’s another video with it on YouTube, nothing official though…

Edit: I guess Benn Jordan talked about it in a recent live stream saying it was likely to be his favorite from 2022. I generally like what he has to say, and trust his opinion. Looks interesting to me with the sequencer layout.


Yeah we never really got the whole elitist thing about people who could never afford to make music being given ways to make it. So much innovation comes from people using limited and inexpensive tools, that it’s just like, do these people not want to see what happens when more people can actually make music?


They’re also basically giving MPC Live rev 1’s away I just noticed. As low as 599 on reverb. A couple at 600 that will accept lower offers.

Must stop looking…
Why do I do this to myself?


Isn’t that like 50% off?


Yeah. The live 2 came out whenever adding basically only a speaker and tanked the used prices on 1’s it looks like. I was pretty surprised. They sound phenomenal. I was thinking about getting one for the hell of it but I’m not sure, probably won’t now that I’ve thought better of it but it feels like they’re giving them away at that price.


Pity I waited so long to sell mine. Oh well.

Every other thing discontinued: PRICE THROUGH THE ROOF

Shit I have to sell: PRICE TANKS LOL


Yea, I mean, if I was in the market for a high end sampler…but I’m quite happy with the gear I’m not using now lol


I need another sampler/paperweight like I need another asshole.

Mix jobs have taken over. I’m not writing much since I wrapped my last record (masters came back this week and there :fire::fire::fire::fire:). Early next week the vinyl masters arrive.


Looking forward to getting my ears on that vinyl!


You know I’m biased but the newer MPCs are really good.
Not the most streamlined in terms of software, you can feel the various generations being built one over the other but they have that something…