The Hardware Megathread


I forgot that too…


We share info on real synths there too, not just the hardware wannabes :smiley:


Woah woah woah. There are hardware wannabes? That might get me to peak in on #synths at the Discord occasionally


Now, ignore my ownership of Spire and like 10,000 presets :eyes:


Wow, Koala Sampler, a 5£ app, apart from being a great sampler and super fun to use, can now split audio into vocals/drums/bass/other…


Wow, I didn’t expect that sort of feature at all. Very cool.


For that money I might have to try the app just for that. I guess I could even run audio out of the iPad and sample directly into my hardware sampler instead of messing about transferring files.


Even without that feature Koala sampler is the best sampling app out there, like an SP-404 on steroids.


This was made on Koala only, sampling stuff around the house directly to my phone.


Very nice. Maybe I’ll have to DL to my phone and make a beat after your method.


I broke the fast. Two Pioneer XDJ1000mk2s on back order.




Seems relevant to some people’s interests here:

I’m gonna try to make one since I use an iPhone/iPad for my bass rig now and nobody makes a wireless foot controller suitable to my needs :joy:

And I have a lot of Arduinos kicking around I should really learn how to do shit with.


Akai just gave MPCs a tuner and amp sims in 2.11…


And my MPC is in a repair queue of doom…
But as I was in the beta I had a chance to have fun with it already and it is really good, drive on the amp simulator goes up to 11…


Spent some time making some samples with the cycles, and then decided to make a quick loop and we think we have the start of a new track


It’s time to clean the pads on my DR660. Any recommendations on a cleaning solution? My first thought was 91% alcohol and a q-tip.


I’m certainly no kind of expert but yea high percentage alcohol is usually my go to for anything electronic.


not everclear. get 90% isopropyl alcohol. :wink:


If it second hand gear I receive I tend to open it up scrub the case in soap and water, and put all the buttons/knobs in a cup of bleach for 10 minutes.