The Hardware Megathread


Behringer is doing a PPG clone, too. Of course they are stuck waiting on semiconductors…


Elektron dropped some audio demos made on a new box which might be shown tomorrow…


Link to the stream


I know the tunes are made on an unfinished piece of hardware but I’m not super excited based on this demo. I can do all of that with the gear I have now.

I am, however, curious about whether this may be a combined synth/sampler groovebox from Elektron as there are definitely some field recordings in there but it seems they may just be transitional elements the podcast added.


I’m not too excited either to be honest. I did wake up and check their website first thing this morning though. I thought they were going to show it to us? Maybe they’re running late. I bet it’s the digi drum machine that everyone has been talking about.


From a leak on MoogAudio:


Elektron’s Syntakt is a 12 track drum computer and synthesizer - a sonic metropolis that melts analog and digital synthesis into one instrument of outrageous opportunity. All your sound crafting, sequencing, and performance needs are fulfilled in an all-round music mega-box that fits in your lap.

Syntakt is a drum specialist, full of percussive possibilities, but its 12 tracks can be used for melody, harmony, and bass sounds too. Experience epic sounds from the past, pulling others into existence from the future, using over 35 analog and digital machines. For the uninitiated, machines in the Elektron universe are special sound generators - synthesizers inside your synthesizer.

Affect the sound of each machine with the intuitive and playful graphics. Select and route your tracks, and external inputs, through the FX track. You’ve got delay, reverb, analog distortion and filters, and a couple of LFOs to play around with. Run wild and free with the four expressive modifiers, unleashing your sounds with different velocities, retrigs, and varied settings of other parameters. Access a variety of different scales via the keyboard mode - some familiar faces and some maybe a little less familiar - helping you discover new places and enabling you to take things to another level. And last, but by no means least, the world class 64-step Elektron sequencer lets you bring dynamic soundscapes into existence.

The streets of Syntakt are never-ending, the neon lights are never-dimming, its underground is fathomless. Discover worlds within worlds. Adore now. Explore forever.

4 analog voices

8 digital voices

30+ machines (analog & digital)

64 step sequencer

12 synth (or MIDI) sequencer tracks

1 FX track for effects automation

1 analog multi-mode filter per analog voice

1 digital multi-mode filter per digital voice

1 base/width filter per digital voice

1 analog FX stereo filter

1 amp envelope per voice

2 assignable LFOs per track

1 stereo delay send effect

1 stereo reverb send effect

1 analog distortion per analog voice

1 digital distortion per digital voice

2048 sound storage capacity

1000+ factory preset sounds

4 trig modifiers (retrig, velocity, mod A, mod B)

2 ¼” impedance balanced audio outputs

2 ¼” audio inputs

3 MIDI ports (in/out/thru) with DIN sync

1 USB 2.0 Hi-Speed port

Class Compliant USB audio


The mini trinity?


I might order one, it is the perfect middle ground between sampling and deep synthesis. My Mpc would be happy.


Glad to see they finally went all in and made the new Monomachine.


It’s an interesting ones, it has some machines from the Analog Rytm, some from the Model Cycles but with more controls and they brought back the FX channels and added analog filter and distortion to the signal path.

It should be good fun.


Yea much more interesting on paper than in that demo! I like the they combined machines that already exist. It’s like a little electron sampler platter lol


The demo tracks weren’t great, the ones on the product page are much better.
This will be a clever gateway drug for many who will get the Rytm after trying the analog machines on the Syntakt.


The sound demo was kinda boring, but reading the specs on paper is a lot more exciting.

$1000 for a Digitakt-sized machine is kind of an oof, though. Yes it does a lot more than either the Digitakt or Digitone and has more voices overall. I dunno, maybe I’m being too picky or critical here…

The digital machines seem focused on drums, too. It doesn’t say what the 4 “tonal” ones are. One of the analog tracks is dedicated to cymbals only, w/ cowbell, etc. Though it’s an Elektron so sound locks will be a thing so that will hardly matter. Too bad there is no sampling capability.

I think it will be a cool machine, but damn if it doesn’t feel expensive. But then again, it’s a complete synthesizer drum machine with a few tonal options and an analog synth as well. As I type this my reluctance and hesitation gets less as I write it all out and don’t kneejerk response with “thanks. I hate it.” lol.

I bet it has at least a six month waiting list :rofl:

Let’s be honest, I want the fuck out of this :joy:


Watching the BoBeats review and I’m glad I ordered one. That analog overdrive is juicy and the machines are very varied. It sounds good even on my work laptop speakers…


I’m kind of excited to see what future OS updates bring. It’s an Elektron machine, after-all.


I’ll have to watch someone’s demo eventually. It is a little pricey, I agree but with that many Elektron voices I’m not surprised. The DT/DN form factor is cool but honestly for that money I’d rather have a flagship sized piece of gear with a big screen and bigger controls–my fingers and eyes aren’t getting any younger here lol.

I think it’ll be a winner for Elektron, its like a super Electribe and so far is as close as we are getting to a Monomachine 2.

Unsurprisingly people are losing their minds in various ways about it online…there is already “Elektron sucks now” thread at Elektronauts LOL


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


pop your popcorn and pull up a chair lolol


TE wants $1200 for it.

Edit lol 750 replies on that Syntakt thread…


HA. What? I mean, OK, I kinda get it but…like…nah man…where is it that people need all this tiny, battery powered stuff? I’ve played plenty of gigs in fields and never wanted anything like this. I also know this does a ton the 1010 Bluebox doesn’t but gestures wildly at 1010 Bluebox

Its like a bunch of random shit shoved together. Please subtract the synth and sequencer and reduce the price.

edit: I’m just being grumpy, ignore me…