The Hardware Megathread


I’m not going to do a syntakt or that teenage engineering thing but I’ll get an IDUM.


Convincing this with my EricaSynths Black Sequencer and uGrids is enough to make dumb man’s IDM.


I think it’s pretty absurd and I like dragging crap out of the house even if I don’t really do it that much because it’s fucking hot most of the year

I even have an OP-1. But fuck TE for this thing :joy:

My Zoom H6 can play nice with 6 1/4" inputs. I don’t need a $1200 Volca mixer :rofl:

I wonder who this is being targeted at, too. It’s almost like the answer to a question no one asked. Maybe someone with an OP-1 and several Pocket Operators or Volcas. But I just cannot see spending OP-1 money on a battery-powered mixer.

I’m sure Bo Beats has a video about to drop. Speaking of, fuck all the YouTubers posting their Syntakt videos :joy: I’m getting pretty tired of new product announcements and a deluge of YouTube reviews from these people on the same days being a thing, especially when the product is sold out everywhere or preorder with months and months of lead times. It’s just getting tiring…

I haven’t watched any of them, and will wait until there is actual product available :eyes:


I love those threads.
I helped getting the Syntakt speculation thread to a whopping 4K posts. Most people were in it for a laugh, a few were actually serious, some pre-complained…


loool Plugin Alliance has “put on sale” for $30 a plugin that literally tracks your time on a project. It’s normally $50.



I’d love that on the mpc. Would I pay for it?
Fuck no.


I don’t know a ton about Eurorack but if I’m following what it does that IDUM looks pretty cool.


Not like I’m cranking out bangers over here but…no one will ever convince me there isn’t a large percentage of gear heads that enjoy talking about gear way more than using it lol


The last two days I’ve been watching Syntakt videos and not once have I thought wow, I don’t think it’s the machine but the people elektron have handed it to, I think we’re missing Cenk he’d of done the machine some justice.

Just as I’m typing this Anderson’s UK have one left in stock, but I won’t order because it doesn’t matter how good the machine is it will still end up sat on the shelf next to my other electrons.gathering dust.


Kind of tempted by the syntakt it looks like an interesting middle ground between the digitakt and the analogue rythm


But we can’t afford new gear at the moment anyway so


Once released I assume this will be very cheap


50 bucks


Leave it to Uli to develop the first eurorack module w no mod inputs!


So I heard a hot take about Eurorack/modular and Behringer that was actually kinda interesting…if anyone had a thought on it I’m all ears…so the hot take was that because Behringer was making all these inexpensive modules that the popularity of Eurorack might suffer because the financial barrier to entering that hobby will go down, everyone will try get into it, and some Eurorack users won’t like that and duck out.

That was more or less it. The original person said it in less words. Don’t remember where I saw it unfortunately but its been on my mind.


These are the same sort of assholes that didn’t like DAWs and plugins lowering the price of entry for so many people to make music. God forbid all the free stuff we have these days.

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

I won’t lie and say all the people making music is that great, because let’s be honest, a lot of us are bad at it :joy: But if people enjoy it, who am I to stop them?

But that doesn’t really justify the sort of elitist snobbery that are upset the bar of entry is being set lower on a hobby, imo. It’s not like we’re letting anyone that wants to be a physicist or a doctor in the door XD


On the other hand I’m all in favour of lowering the entry barrier to music and arts in general, the more people get into creative hobbies instead of football and telly, the better off we all are.


Yea, pretty much agree on all counts.

I like to think eventually we will figure out how to let everyone make music but also have the best stuff easily reachable. Its like the early days of the printing press but the internet and sharing/recording your own music.


Oh absolutely. Couldn’t agree more. The sports and TV just get worse and worse for us as well.


I think it’s a simplistic take that ignores a lot of other factors in favor of the silly narrative they want to believe. Also internet gatekeeping at its finest.

The fact is that modular was, is and always will be a niche part of sound-making. It’s convoluted (not the reverb lol), non-intuitive, requires actually learning things instead of just hooking shit up to your computer and slapping knobs around, and it’s very, very, very hard to get musical sounds out of compared to, say, a guitar or a keyboard.

It’s something that looks cool, sounds awesome when you know what you’re doing, and people jump at it and then put it down, sometimes several times, and don’t often stick with it. People that can will sink lots of money into it and then usually figure out it’s not what they’re looking for, people that can’t will just shrug and move on to something else. The majority in the middle will dabble but never have a wall of modular and it will never be their primary mode of noising - it’s like owning a ukulele you pull out and plink on and sample, but you’d never call yourself a ukulele player.

The last reason off the top of my head that the comment is moronic is that modular, despite seeing a resurgence in the last few years, is still on the absolute bottom of R&D and production because it’s not a money maker, it’s a labor of love for developers. Anyone into that landscape should be head over heels that the hobby is getting more accessible because it means that there’ll ultimately be more and interesting things to stick in their rack.

tl;dr - The barrier of entry to modular was never really the price. Anyone really into modular should be happy that one minor barrier is down.