The Hardware Megathread



But yeah, enjoy the pile of ashes or something :joy: (what I say)



Hopefully finish building this dannysound eurorack compressor tomorrow, looking forward to running the blastbeats through it.
If it sounds good I’ll build another one to cover stereo duties.


Finished building the Dannysound compressor, you can’t just plug synths or drum machines directly into it as it needs eurorack levels to get it ticking over.
I don’t have an input/interface module and starting looking around the internet for a DIY one I could build but then I noticed I had Mutable instruments veils, so put the blastbeats through 2 of veils vca’s before hitting the compressor.


Oh look, it’s my bi-monthly Musician’s Friend 15% discount code :eyes:

Whatever shall I do??


I feel bad about it, not too bad though, but after seeing the prices for the SP-404 MKii on Ebay I decided to sell mine for a stupid amount of money and I already received an offer for way more than I paid for.
I’m giving it until tonight to see if I get a better offer.
In case I’ll just rebuy it once the chip crisis is over…


haha they are like the Bed, Bath and Beyond of music stores


Gotta make that money, man! My one buddy and I have been passing a half broken Machinedrum back and forth for some years now. We need to get it fixed up and sell it…even the MKIs are fetching a tidy a mount these days.


I keep wanting a Cobalt 5S, but wtf am I going to do with it? I can’t even put it on a shelf to look at like the rest of my gear I don’t often use :rofl: (because it won’t fit)

And I really do not need a VA minisynth. Manic Mode :tm: is trying to make me make poor financial decisions again…


I’m waiting for an Argon5s


that would be a lot more interesting. I’m guessing the Cobalt series outsells the Argons because lolAnalogLOL or something, so it came first. I do hope an Argon follows.


Added 2HP freez and Turing Machine to the modular and it’s now very -gggggglllliiiittttttttcccccccchhhhhyyyyyyy…


Big sky has more algorithms, so it’ll be more flexible. I’ve used both but never “in the same room” both sound great.


Woop woop, Maschine 2.15 hit today apparently. Now I can auto-sample like MPC could years ago :rofl:

(that sounds like im ungrateful, Im really not XD I will, however, be forever salty for NI just absolutely refusing to make the Prismatic Bliss expansion compatible with the Plus over some fucking rex files…)


I’ve just had one Strymon pedal, the El Capistan, and went through the “should I pay more for the bigger pedal with more algorithms” decision as well. I forget what their flagship delay pedal was at the time. I ended up being quite happy with the El Capistan. I don’t know if that is at all useful but fwiw lol


I’m tempted a lot by the IK competitor to it, the X-Space, but I don’t think I’ve found a comparison between it and the Big Sky, either. It’s about to go on sale tomorrow for $280 at Guitar Center until May 4th, too :eyes:


Well hey, enjoy that BigSky…I have to say from what I’ve heard of it you 100% picked a winner. Sometime in the next year or so I’d love to get my hands on the Volante from Strymon.


Hahaha. Yea. It’s true. I’ve rather been liking Nux for some budget options. I’ve got their analog delay and duotime. Definitely not on the Strymon level though.


“Your Maschine+ is up to date.”


So the Plus does not yet have 2.15. Sigh.

A quick word about Maschine Plus:

We’d like to reassure everyone that our Maschine Plus update is still planned and it will be released in Q2. For context, the M+ update was postponed due to quality reasons and the team decided to take a bit more time to focus on improving audio stability. This was a tough decision to make, especially since we already shared our excitement with you all, and ultimately it came down to shipping you all the best possible release and improving Maschine Plus as much as we can.

Edit Double Fuck. I just bought a pair of DT-990 headphones from Sweetwater and Perfect Circuit just went live with a sale and I could have got then 10% off :unamused: :joy:

Sweetwater gave me $10 of “bonus bucks” that expire in June. Sigh.

Edit 2 Blaaaah Disting EXs have gone from $350 to $400…


You’re about to see a lot of that, I’m afraid.


Yeah, I saw a thread on some forum about all kinds of things becoming unavailable, and that lots of guitar pedals may/may not be readily available for a long time. Not just chips. Some parts were a year+ out.

I want out of this timeline.