The Hardware Megathread


I’m pretty sure it’s multiple voltages, yeah. I have/had an old Electribe with the same sort of thing, and it was AC to AC, too. I think 120V to 24V? Only reason I don’t like them is the possibility of losing them. Tascam 424 owners know that pain all too well; I would never buy one of the late-gen ones w/ out a power supply because it’s pretty much hen’s teeth XD


When the manic side of my bipolar is in-effect and I’m up until 3am overflowing with ideas for everything :rofl:


Fucking Behringer.

All I need is a part # for my Deepmind12. I voided the warranty by opening it up to see why my LCD screen is super dim. It needs replacing, my customer support person referred me to their spare parts web page…. Which is down.
They refuse to just tell me the part number and suggested i ship it to Vegas where there is an authorized repair center.

I had a buyer for this synth and now… not so much and not until I get this fixed.

Womp womp


Only had 15 minutes with it however it’s been fun, looks like I’ll be having a 1990’s IDM type of weekend



90’s IDM has been like most of my year.

Vinyl coming out in August on a label out of Detroit.


Damn. Maybe it is time for another pilgrimage to Detroit and I can pick that sucker up in person at a local store! Any plans for a release party? I’m only 3 hours away.


I’ll actually be on tour when the thing is released.

such is life.


bummer but not bummer : ) I’ll catch you somewhere in the world someday for a beer or a coffee.


check out the Rufus dates for this year, let me know if any of them work for ya!


Ahhhh, sweet sweet mania, we know her well


I went to make coffee this morning, and started it w/ out a cup under it lol… I looked over at it and stared dumbfoundedly for several seconds, thankfully the spill catcher has a large capacity

Life telling me I should know better than to drink coffee when a manic episode is setting in :rofl:

I need to find a way to spur my interest in my synths again :unamused:


Musician’s Friend has mics and related recording things on sale this month:

mics, monitors, headphones, audio interfaces, too. I may pick up a cheap Digital Reference (made by Audio Technica for GC) vocal mic, maybe a mic bag for my growing collection, and a pop filter.

Edit Swoon…

(MF does not have this color :sob: )

Edit 2 The more I look at it, the more I hate it like the purple Maschines


Just getting my head around this box last night


@Auto-meh-geddon Purple microphone: looks like Koldunya has found what’s been missing in your life.


Can we not please?


You know you want it. You will be able to rap while finger drumming.


Mate go on like this and I’ll finger drum your mum, you’ve been warned.


Friends with her to


Finger drummed behind the bike shed


I hope you can finger drum a ouija board :crazy_face: