The Hardware Megathread


Musicians Friend just sent me a 20% off coupon and it works on a purple bass I’ve been eyeing… :eyes:

Edit Lord help me they have a Nymphes in stock, too :sweat_smile:


Synth over bass.
Any day.


Sample the video games you are playing, get a bit of both done!


I swear to fucking god Fedex can just eat shit. They were delivering something today and now it says they made a fucking attempt and it will be delivered tomorrow. My doorbell did not fucking ring and while I think I may have heard a slight noise/knock at the door, it was barely audible and I wasn’t sure what it was.

Fuck Fedex, this is not the first time they’ve done this “attempted” bullshit to me and it’s already been delayed once.


Edit Apparently the door camera picked up the MFer walking away. Ouch :unamused:


I know it’s in bad taste, but I had to laugh. Also apparently FedEx is having massive delays right now because of staffing shortages due to a bunch of people being out with COVID, so yeah. Good thing I’m saving up for a big purchase the next few months. By the time I’m ready either we’ll be through this wave or we’ll all be dead so it won’t matter.


Artsy-Fartsy Polaroid make the Mpc feel like it’s straight from the 90es


I did laugh a bit, at that point. I was over the initial gut-wrenching of looking forward to something that was already delayed the entire weekend (it’s a nice guitar…) and then I refresh the tracking page and see it was delayed due to no one home on a delivery attempt when I’ve been home all day :expressionless: I sit right by the doorbell speaker.

I almost got up when I heard “the wind” just in case and then got distracted by something and blew it off… alas.

He didn’t even leave a door tag o.O I called Fedex and they added a note for the driver to actually knock next time… (I can’t go pick it up myself)


For ages and ages I’ve been meaning to rig our TV/stereo system in the living room so I can be lounging and record something from what we are watching. I’ve never thought about it very hard but I’m sure it wouldn’t take much.


I’m sitting here literally waiting on FedEx to deliver my new workstation. They swear it’s gonna get delivered mystically, but the tracking says it’s still sitting in Phoenix, AZ.

FedEx can eat dirty rhino asshole.


I used to sample my PlayStation games all the time. I have a number of hip hop beats I made from sampling Wild ARMS way back then.

Thought about it recently too, though I’d prolly just have an emulator spit out a wav file of whatever game I want to mangle.


so a video popped up in my YT feed about the Roland JD-08. Can’t front, I’m very interested. Anyone had a chance to check one out yet? I’m considering it as a companion to my EA1 and DR660 for Electro and Ghettotech.


It has definitely piqued my interest but I haven’t played with one. If it replaces anything on my current Synthesizer Jam Station :tm: it would be the SKULPT.

RE: sampling video games and TV and stuff, I’m reminded my Focusrite 18i20 has a loopback feature that makes such things trivial :eyes:


That’s hit and miss, audio is apparently one of the most difficult things to nail in videogame emulation because you have weird data formats, custom synthesis (up to around 16/32 bit era), and lofi A/D and D/A. A lot of the modern emulators are very very good, but the best retro game audio I’ve heard all comes out of FPGA emulation systems (IE either MiSter or Analogue products).


The NES and SNES emulators I’ve used will render a wav file of the game as you’re playing it, so that what you hear in-game is precisely what you’ll get when you stop playing or tell it to stop recording.

For example: I just fired up my NES emulator, FCEUX, and had it record a wav file while I let the intro to Ninja Gaiden run. You can listen to it here:

This can also be done in MameUI for old arcade games, Fusion for Sega Genesis/32X/Game Gear/Master System games, and other emulators for other systems. This one is from Streets of Rage 2 for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive:


Same company gives away a bit crusher based on the PCM channel of a Genesis/MegaDrive, and has a music file player for that system.


They have Genesis/MegaDrive soundtrack downloads.


Well, my new baby arrived, but it has a sticker on it from Sweetwater advising I wait 24 hours to open it to let the guitar acclimate, citing warnings about possibly cracking the finish, etc. I’ve literally never, ever done that before but I’m a paranoid person by nature… :unamused:

Kind of wondering if it’s a “save customer service agents’ time by keeping people from emailing or calling about buzzing frets” thing

In other news, here’s an Illegal Life Pro Tip :tm: - Wyze will send you a 4 pack if you open a warranty claim on a defective bulb. They come in two or four packs, don’t think you can get singles but maybe? Now I have three extra bulbs as spares.


I’ve gotten a similar warning from a vendor, maybe specifically because the synth was all analog? It gets cold enough Jan-Mar in Ohio I kind of just do that with any new gear that comes in ice cold.


I got that one for myself about 6 months ago to save myself from getting the twisted electrons hardware. Good thing I did too, I do not use it anywhere near as much as I thought I would.


Reason #1675 to hate on plugins. Slate Digital has a free plugin called Air (or something). It’s apparently good for vocals adding “air”.

The f’ing hoops they want you to jump through, JFC o.O I signed in to my account, okay. Then I answered their two questions, no big deal. I’ve done surveys for free stuff before. Then it says it uses iLok for a free plugin. Getting a little annoyed… but I give them my iLok ID, and then it wants me to download their own downloader program, and at that point I just closed the tab and said screw it, it’s not worth all this hassle. I know these downloaders are very common (I have a folder on my desktop with shortcuts approaching 30 of these damned things…) but for a free plugin, all this security? I decided to nope out and flip the switch that turns on The Jam Station :tm:

I need to get a smart plug for that outlet. “Alexa, turn on the Jam Station” :smile:


I’m soo bad at soldering