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Maybe. Though I’d have to check prices on that. Thinking the Audio interface may be the more expensive way to go. :thinking:


^Have you tried messing with Overbridge much yet? With the 2 ins on the DT plus the internal tracks being streamed individually you can get quite a bit of control actually after you make your recording. You could run the blofeld and the DFAM through the DT and get a pretty comprehensive jam printed to audio on individual tracks via OB.


I haven’t actually. I thought I went to find it and saw it was still unavailable, at least for the Digitakt. Maybe I’m wrong. I did the Elektron Transfer software though. That was nice. Got myself some textural type samples and percussion stuff in.

And other than trying to sample them in to the machine, I haven’t done that, yet. Still getting used to it and trying to limit the midi stuff, for the moment. The DFAM wouldn’t be bad since it’s mono but I’d have to limit the Blofeld to mono as well to use them together.

Ill probably try it in the near future. I also just saw a video about trig-locking a longer sample to play different parts of the same sample. Which is something I hadn’t even thought about doing yet.

I figure I’ll find more and more interesting things about it.


I have his triple waveshaper in my setup.

It makes some amazing stuff when coupled with my e350/e355/e370.


Maybe it is only the public Beta, but OB for the Digitakt is defo available and seems functional. I know RFJ is using it so : )


Yes OB is available now, currently there isn’t a Digitone plug-in but their working on that, speaking of which I’m currently sat on my settee learning the Digitone.

I have tone and takt but I gravitate towards tone when I want to jam on the settee.

OB isn’t supported on my 2008 Mac Pro, so it’s not something I’ll be getting into unless I get a new machine, incidentally I did install OB on my work laptop just for a sneaky peek.


How is programming it? I know they’ve tried to “simplify” FM for people. I really only know about subtractive synthesis.


It’s very accessible. Fine piece of gear!


I’ve looked at the digitone. Mainly because I miss my operator. Fm synthesis is lovely. Would be a cool box to have.

@relic and @canecreek I’ll look again. Maybe I didn’t correctly search it last time.

I’m still in those brain fart moments with the Digitakt. “How the fuck did I do this last time? Hmmm…am I an idiot?”…“oh yeah.”

Thats me forgetting how to import new samples into my project because I forgot the little arrow on the screen opens up a new window by pressing that direction .


Wtf is a settee?


It’s a little couch.


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Furniture is hardware too!


Touche’ !



Ah right, cuz English people don’t actually speak English lol!
Now I’ve thoroughly derailed the thread!


@bbb you have to register or login but here’s the OB links. I’d strongly recommend checking it out as it’s one of the better advances I’ve seen gear / computer wise since I’ve been paying attention…




If you closed your eyes you’d never guess this was a Digitone


Definitely makes me think modular bleeps and stuff. I was actually just watching this myself:

Which makes me want a Digitone as well, now.