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Haha, made a classic mistake. Bought the BeatStep just assuming the MIDI implementation on an iOS app would let me do what I wanted…turns out the “mute” function for the 16 channels on Groove Rider G16 aren’t mappable to MIDI…BUT…this got me to look at BeatMaker 3 which is the tits…and will let me do what I want with the BeatStep, so decided to keep it.

Also, I think it’ll be bad ass to pair the Troublemaker 303 app with the BeatStep : )


I’ve been using the Minibrute 2s to control VCV Rack and clocking the drum brute and be damned if it isn’t the bees knees of both the hardware sequencer and a Eucledian sequencer in vcv rack. (Will be posting vids in the next few days.)


so my new want must have got to get it or i will explode;
the korg minilogue xd…


You should be able to load Troublemaker into Beatmaker even.


Beautiful well rounded synth, if I was starting again the XD would be my first purchase.


Ive been playing around w this. Inter App Audio w the Korg iM1 doesnt seem too reliable. Betting the loading AU3 will be better.


As soon as I get a new job I’ll be getting either a Monologue XD or a Skulpt.
I’m currently leaning towards the Skulpt as I have a Craftsynth and I love it, the XD seems more flexible though…


Also, yet another update to the MPCs. 2.5 doesn’t bring anything to me, but I must admit that the integration with Splice is kinda cool, if you have the time to browse samples.
As it comes with a 3 months trial, I gave it a shot and I must say it works really well.
You browse the sample library online, choose the samples, then on the Live you just press the synch button and it downloads the file to your MPC.


thought id post this simply because its very rare if ever you hear from this guy


Ill defo have a listen to that @canecreek

In other news, making MIDI play nice, forgot that could be a brain teaser. Really glad I didnt sell my MOTU MIDI Express XT for peanuts.


Damn, the Zoia looks amazing. Looks like the ultimate live fx processor for me


I forgot how good iMini sounds…got a faaabulous chorus-y bass line going with it last night.


JvS you asked me the following in the “what are you listening to” thread however i thought it was better answered in the Hardware thread

JvS asked
Do keep us in the know, I am curious as to this method being applied to any 4 track tape recorder. Its been discussed and I’ve had the question asked “Why not just get a digital multi-track?” thus making it more like a sampler rather than a mellotron with tape saturation…Personally I could see their point in a live scenario but I cant really feel justified in purchasing an 8 channel digital multi-track recorder for the sake of using it for that specific reason. Especially when my DAW can perform that same function in spades. My frustration mostly lies in that of the Tascam’s Ive come across, every fucking one of them has been beat the fuck up and more or less parts.

canecreek reply
So you’ve had the question “Why not just get a digital multi-track?”,
Maybe the answer to this is who is actually asking the question, i was born in 1971 so half of my life was spent in a time where the cassette was the norm, are the people asking the question born in a time where the CD was the Norm?
As soon as I’m using the 4-track its taking me back two decades and further, childhood even, its almost spiritual. A person born in the CD era I’m sure can appreciate the sound different between digital and cassette however they couldn’t possibly feel this other thing I’m feeling that i can’t really put into words as only time and very found memories have supplied that feeling, which would make me understand a loose question like “why not get a digital multi-track.”
Then they are people who were born when i was who would ask the same question and the only answer to that i can offer is their not as nostalgic as me, and there are also people who make music who are not in it for the love but rather the money, the ones always talking about quick workflows and churning stuff out like its a factory process, they want to draw the outline of the bird but don’t want to draw the feathers those people would never understand the purchase of a 4-track.

You ask about method but theres not a lot of method simply recording 4 tracks to tape, there is a added cost of buying 8 cables to have 4 in 4 out to your DAW so you can multi-track and having hardware that supports that, rather than doing a summed output with one cable into your DAW. What i love is recording 4-tracks that resonate with and looking at that cassette as if its a track,. 6 cassettes each containing 10 minute soundscapes, give you a 1 hour of soundscape to improvise with your external hardware synths. just a different way of doing things however not something id do all the time.

I have an idea for a project that will heavily use the 4-track infact i might need to buy another and run two (the wife aaagghhh!!!), time is the enemy as the project will have to be finished before 05/02/20, i’m talking via social media to a local DJ similar age with the same passion and hoping he will hop on board this project i feel this planned performance need 2 pairs of hands and two brains so I’m not too biased, don’t want to mention what its about (the answers in the date) as knowing me it won’'t happen lol.


I know I keep banging on about using preset and my atavic sense of shame about it, but yesterday I decided to explore the sound library of the MPC Live and it’s really really good.
It was so quick to just get a track going rather than fiddling around with sound design…



Take a comfortable seat, and enjoy.


Totally relate to the tape nostalgia. I’ve been eyeing those nice Tascam tape machines (3 inch tape).
My childhood memory is that of a reel-to-reel tape machine that I used to record music on from TV and radio. Not well maintained and definitely not Hi-Fi with the cheap ferrite tape with it’s reddish brown color. Hissing and fluttering away.
Later the obligatory Walkman (now with digitally controlled tape speed, Dolby, and chromium oxide tape), which sounded definitely better. With the crappy headphones we used in the day the tape wasn’t really the biggest loss in fidelity and the first Discman and later Minidisc (or DAT, if you were so inclined) didn’t really sound that much better. Mostly because we kept using the same headphones. Biggest difference: no mechanical spooling of the tape if you wanted to hear the last song again or skip one. Yeah… patience…


And sounds can always be replaced after the composition stage is over. I feel like it is so important to get the arrangement down quick. I’m not sure there is an actual genre of music where the fans are 100% all hardcore audio nerds and if there is remind me not to ever make that kind of music as that sounds like the worst fan base ever lol.


So I’ve spent some time with the Digitakt now.

Loving that I can actually just take my headphones and the box into the living room and chill out with it. My current thought process is that it won’t take me away from my daw overall but I’m going to attempt to us it to build layers for stuff.

Like I loaded some samples from my computer in and tried doing a jam session with one project to build an intro. Actually muting everything and bringing the 8 tracks in and out while live recorded. Had another more drum oriented layer project for the next part and did the same.

But at least for now I’m going to attempt my main kick snare stuff in drum racks on live, more controllable after the fact and easier to fine tune. Plus still do midi keyboard stuffs for my other main intruments as well.

We will see how that goes for a bit. But at some point I think I want it to control my synth stuffs, or at least get into doing it. But probably need a small mixer or upgrade my audio interface. With only 2 in’s, I don’t really want to dive into that much at the moment.

Would definitely use the DFAM. Probably the Blofeld, I also have the Darkstar sitting around and then my workstation keyboard if I really wanted some other layers. So that’s a mess for a later date I guess.

And then I have a few rack items, a multi-fx until and a compressor with a patchbay, just sitting in the corner …


Get a MOTU rack interface!