The Hardware Megathread


Just bought a Volca drum for no good reason other than I have the cash :stuck_out_tongue:


I really want one, but I have no job or spare cash…


This looks nice. As a summing mixer alone, that would be very nice. Would wreak havoc with my planned routings and budget though.


Not at all the same thing, but I’d still like to get one of these some day:


Quick opinions–how much “quality” am I loosing using a Mackie Mix8 mixer so I can have all my shit plugged into the same set of monitors all the time? Frankly I’m hardly worried enough about it to ask, but I like to keep this thread active.


i got all stoked on that SSL miniboi but dont know if it really fits my workflow. that said, it would combine a lot of different things that I’ve been casually looking into in 1 convenient package, summing, HW bus compression and having a couple of really nice channel strips for tracking…

i just put a deposit down on a 12 core mac pro w a UAD card in it tho so… im not buying an SSL anytime soon.


Yo. That workstation sounds like a beast. Is it more than one CPU?


I doubt it, you can get 32 cores in a single cpu if you play your cards right now, 24 on the intel side. That’s insane hardware in its own right. Multi-socket systems add un-needed complexity unless you really need 50+ CPU cores chugging away.


Im so behind on this shit! Lol.

Got the TR8S synced to Traktor… pretty cool…gotta figure how Traktor decides where and when to calculate BPM though. Seems easier if you set a master BPM but that’s lame


what @White_Noise said.


God damnit! Where did you get yours? I have one on pre-order at Sweet water but nothing yet… I want it so bad!!!


Wow. Groove Rider G16 on iOS + TR8S is an amazing combo. Just need a little set of pads to mute/unmute the 16 parts on Groover Rider when jamming live and itll be perfection.


It almost feels like cheating if not a bit unnatural in that less is indeed more. Not just for House Musick, But any and all types of electronic concoctions. Of course there are the usual factors that play into this…Analog is warm and sexy…Just like Olympic style watersports.


This new Analogue solutions synth sounds great, works a bit different to the norm too.
I think Tom has a hit on his hands.


Thanks very much for the reply - I’ll check those out.


Remember the wife.


And Granny Moog.!!!


Good to see Arturia have stated in their newsletter that they are currently working on a firmware update for Matrixbrute, would of been a shame to neglect such a beautiful synth, their working on bug fixes and I get the impression they’ll be some improvements on the currently plain Jane sequencer.


BeatStep arrived today. Looking forward to seeing how it interacts with the iPad.


how can i forget :disappointed: