The Hardware Megathread


codeKnobs editor is worth its price just because of that:


There is one thing that the MPC Live is lacking and makes me look at the Digitakt sometimes: pitch envelopes.
It’s a little thing that bugs me a lot when I want to make my own kits from random sounds.
Sure I can still layer transients and/or use the transient designer, still…

On the other end I must say that the MPC Live has changed an awful lot since it came out, it is now a mature product (In standalone, I never touched the controller mode) sure, I could complain about plenty of things, but there’s nothing else out there that can do as much in standalone, apart from the Deluge, but the lack of screen is quite a big deal in such a deep machine.

My main complain at the moment? Lack of automation editing in standalone mode (I can still erase and redo though), no midi out via USB (Which means no direct connection to my fav little synth, the Craftsynth).
On the plus side, great effects, decent synths, no fuss sampling.


Wow, that’s unbelievable that they would not have the ability to assign an envelope to pitch…
That’s such a basic and important thing in a sampler, especially one that is oriented towards drums and beat creation. Glad I skipped the Live and went Takt


Sorry if I missed this part, but is the MPC Live software cumbersome? I looked at the Touch for a quick second and thought I might not like it, because of it. It looks like a lot to learn. Partly the reason why I haven’t gotten a Maschine since my first try at one years ago. A DAW within a DAW even as a VST just sort of =/ me.

On a side note, I am looking at getting a smaller keyboard and think the M32 NI keyboard looks pretty good. Few more keys to play from and cheap. Tired of moving stuff around to compliment my small space. It has some Ableton support, I think, and will work with my NI stuffs.


No fuss sampling! That cannot be emphasized enough. Kind of basic for a sampler, but combine it with great slicing and ability to add an internal SDD, and you’ve got a sampler/recording powerhouse.


Sonicware ELZ_1 This on anyone’s radar? Looks interesting. Tons of synthesis options. Also looks like a menu driven digital system that doesn’t make me want to drown myself in goose shit.

Had a video come across my yootoobs about it:


I had heard a bit about this, but couldn’t find much info. Looks like it’s been a prototype for a couple of years, so I’m not getting too excited until I actually see it out.


Kinda interested in this one. Reminds me of the Monomachine in concept, which is my favorite synth ever. Want to hear more examples of it though, not sure if the synth algorithms have the same depth as the MnM


I never really used it as it looks ugly as fuck…


I love when random internet knobs get a new piece of gear and are like “everything that doesn’t work like I expect it to is a bug”.


That’s basically over 50% of the mpc thread over at gearslutz


GS is the like the most epic group of unsatisfied and sometimes clueless customers ever.


Walkman hacking.


Intriguing. Care to provide more info or any sound samples?


No sound samples as of yet - still hacking. I’ll put some up if and when things come together.

The idea was borne from the fact that you cannot buy a tape player that will play at variable or even just half speed for less than $100 anymore. I’d initially planned on repairing my old Portastudio for the project, but it looks like an IC got nuked that isn’t really replaceable anymore (at least for what I’m willing to pay).

I remembered I had an old drawer of these things and figured DC voltage drop is an easy target - you just wire a resistor or pot in line with the battery. Considerably easier than dealing with the AC voltage on my Pioneer dual deck, and I really don’t want to accidentally nuke it.

Two of the four Walkmans had batteries in them that had puked, so there’s been some cleaning up. Had to replace a belt on one from another one, and it’s been most of the afternoon just getting them opened and cleaned and tested, and doing some preliminary testing on resistance and voltage.

The plan right now is to maybe wire up a 4-way rotary switch and have it run full - 50% - 30% - off. If that works like I want, I may see if I can rig the voltage control to respond to CV.


Agree for the most part. The Mastering forum can be a good source of information though, both for technical details and gear reviews.


Its mostly just the Electronic Music subforum I don’t like. Even then, plenty of good info to be found. You just have to cut through the attitude at times.


I’ll actually say, that while this isn’t hardware per say, I did record my shit boom box at work today. The noisey feedback stuff from my 1/8" audio cable being plugged in. Yay Tascam. Haven’t listened to it yet but I don’t think it’s one of those things you can simulate easily or at all. So happy I was able to record it, for nothing most likely, but neat.


Hi all. Wondering if someone can point me in the right direction. I’m trying to fill out my band’s sound with some pre-recorded samples. I’m looking for a piece of hardware that does all of the following:

  • controllable by a midi foot pedal
  • is a hardware device, as opposed to software like Ableton that requires a laptop
  • plays back previously-recorded tracks, triggered by the door pedal
  • can output a click track that a drummer can listen along to with headphones
  • plays multiple tracks that I can layer on/off via the foot pedal
  • has a feature where I can queue up a track to play at the start of the next measure, as opposed to playing it immediately
  • can queue up multiple tracks at once if needed

I have a boss RC-300, and it’s pretty close to what I’m after, but not quite there. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions.



Tricky one, the MPC Live does most of that, but you’d have to prepare everything in advance, each of the tracks you need to play would be a sequence and you would trigger them accordingly, I think the Octatrack could do the same as well, but I don’t think any of them can beat Ableton Live.
Might be off, but Pioneer djs-1000?