The Hardware Megathread


Yeah, I outgrew the iconnect audio, but for the iPad integration it’s super cool.
The iPad basically becomes super accessible from your daw.
I don’t remember how to set it up, and it wasn’t immediately clear how the app worked, but after messing with it, I was running a bunch of iPad synth in live seamlessly


Cool. Yea. I am hoping the 4 in 4 out will sort me. I am really looking to keep shit under control haha.


I dont have that one, but ill just say I have two of their midi only devices, mio and mio2, and theyve both been solid. Seem well made, used them with a wide variety of gear.


At least with the mio2, I didnt mess with the app at all. The iPad and Reaper just see the one unit as different midi devices, so I can do everything with the software normal routing to those midi ins and outs and channels. The mio2, I basically just use it like a midi patch bay.


I’ve been watching videos of Dekard’s Dream and am slowly resigning myself to the fact that I will eventually buy one. It sounds ridiculously good.


Sitting on my couch with a pair of headphones and my Digitrakt is a new experience.


^Thoughts so far?


Pretty fuggin neat.

Just some little mini runs done tonight. Super fun to play with. Next step to try importing some of my own samples and sampling my DFAM, really want to see how that part goes.


Your chances of relapse are very high, Like recovering crackhead chillin at the traphouse high. As for myself, I’m fucking hosed but functioning somewhat on a high level.


I’ve been workington a track (Well more of a loop) where for the basses I used some presets from the MPC Live expansions and I do not feel completely guilty about it.


My wife arranged for an intervention.


No reason to feel guilty. :grinning:


I mean for some things what is the big difference between making exactly the same simple patch and just using the preset? The bass patches for the house music I’m into these days are stupid simple, I use bass presets pretty regularly these days unless I’m doing something where I want a bit more character.


Yes i do the same too, i alternate between tone & takt.


i mean, why you going to reinvent the wheel??? an m1 organ bass is an m1 organ bass and is SUPER specific in deep house amongst other house genres.


Nice! Yea, I didn’t even think about that when I was getting it but I guess honestly, if I have a pair of headphones and some power, I could take it many places. Already got some batteries for my Tascam. Planning on grapping some noises from my shop next week, for some fun.

Also, last initial project from this morning that I’ll post and might be a bit derpy(bit reduction)…But so fun.

I ended up taking a kit in Live I like and sampling into the Digitakt. Making a bass sound on my DFAM and BRing it, etc. And then taking it all back into Live and doing a few edits/chops. Added in an 808 kit for layering and another layer of some Redux stuffs. May be overly derpy but was fun.


Dude I’m so not above presets any more. Don’t be ashamed. I still very much enjoy making my own patches but I’m certainly not above using something that’s stock.


I’m still a bit hung on using presets, mostly because they’re less fun and require me to actually go through them.


I know it’s pointless though.


A solid 80% of my leads are presets. But even when I sit down and want to play, it’s usually faster to dial up a preset I like and just try some stuff out than it is to make what I want. I’ve had my prophet almost 3 months now and I only have about 20 patches I’ve made that I saved. When I’m in the mood, I can still sound design, but I just want to play most days.

Also naming a patch is a bitch, it’s a good filter to have me ask myself if I REALLY want to save this sound XD